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          ____ ____  ____  ____      __  __      _____
         / ___|  _ \|  _ \| __ )    |  \/  |_ __|___ /
        | |   | | | | | | |  _ \    | |\/| | '_ \ |_ \
        | |___| |_| | |_| | |_) )   | |  | | |_) |__) )
         \____|____/|____/|____/    |_|  |_| .__/____/
          |  _ \ ___ _ __   __ _ _ __ ___   ___ _ __
          | |_) / _ \ '_ \ / _` | '_ ` _ \ / _ \ '__|
          |  _ <  __/ | | | (_| | | | | | |  __/ |
          |_| \_\___|_| |_|\__,_|_| |_| |_|\___|_|

Download here:
What is an program without Screenshots? We have some here.

NEWS 2007-10-20:

Version 1.0.10 (20 October 2007)
Yeah there is still people that use this program :)
CDDB changed their layout so CDDB mp3 renamer didnt work more. We got a patch
from John Wang that fixed the problem. Merged. Thanks John Wang!

NEWS 2005-04-23:

Version 1.0.9 (23 April 2005)
-Fixed a serious bug that caused artist names to be corrupted on albums with
multiple artists.

NEWS 2004-10-01:

Version 1.0.8 (01 October 2004)
-Woohaa, our new best friend Markus Klinik was really busu and added id3 tag
support ;)
-support for ID3v2
-writes Track nr. to id3 tag
-Makefile included in sourcecode (See source documentation for more information
how to build)

Version 1.0.7 (26 September 2004)
-Markus Klinik (markus.klinik at gmx adot de) spotted that the program had
stopped working again, and he fixed it. Many thanks for the diffs Markus!

FYI there is about 5-10 downloads of this program every day. Its fun to see
that people actually have a use for it. BTW, there isnt any program like this
because if you use CDDB's API (we didnt know that it existed when we wrote
this) does NOT include search.

NEWS 2003-11-18:

Finally, we got some time and released 1.06.

NEWS 2003-11-12:

We have received a patch that fix the problem. However, nobody has time to
release a new version right now. But I hope it can be done within some days.

NEWS 2003-10-30:

Two persons have alerted me on irc that the program currently doesnt work.
cddb have changed its html-format again. I have told carnh to fix it :)

NEWS 2003-07-28:

From the beginning the program was not open source, but after some time
we got repeated requests of people that wanted the source code.
Since we do not have time to do all requested addons to the program, or
all bugfixes for that matter ;) it would be fair that the users that
actually want to improve the program should be allowed to do so.
So then we decided to make the program open source to benefit all of us.
The license is GPL. Source is included in the archive of the program.


The original idea of the program came from me, iocc. I had
alot of DANCEMANIA SPEED mp3 albums and some eurobeat mp3 albums that had
fucked filenames like euro01.mp3 etc.. It was very VERY boring to rename it by
myself in the shell after i had looked up the real filenames at
I tested about 10 different mp3 renaming programs. I asked all my friends if
it existed a program that will rename mp3 albums from cddb. I seached on to find some program that could do that. After a while figured

I talked to Mikael on IRC about this and after a while he decided that he could
try to write one. Java was choosen because the program MUST work both on Linux
and Windows and to write platform independent programs in C or C++ is much
harder than in Java.

I tought that it was very unlikely that it will become anything of this but
after some days Mikael wanted me to write and explain how the GUI should work.
I made the GUI as ascii files and sent him.

It passed about 2-3 months or so… Then he said that he had a version for me to
test. It was version 1.0.0.


CDDB Mp3 Renamer is a program that renames mp3 files by searching at The main purpose of the program is to "fix" the names of the mp3
files in a directory in a fast and easy way. For example if you have a
directory looking like this:



Then perhaps you don't want to rename all these files manually. Then you can
search for your album and just choose the right album from a list and… you
will have all your files renamed accordingly. The program is written in Java
and should support any operating system with a java enterptreter. The program
has currently been tested on the current platforms.

- Linux
- Windows 2000
- Windows XP
- Windows ME
- Windows 9x


Because CDDB Mp3 Renamer is written in Java you will need to install a Java
enterpreter on your system. This can be found at and it is free to download.
Basically "Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6" for is what is needed. Download and


The Java that is bundled with many Linux distos will NOT WORK. Do rpm -e kaffe
if u have a rpm based system before u install a Java 2 Runtime environment.
Install the rpm with rpm -ivh j2re*.rpm. If you dont have a rpm based distro
Im sure you can figure out how do instead.


Download "Java 2 Runtime environment" from sun above or from me directly.
Install it.


Download "Java 2 Runtime environment" from sun above or from me directly.
Install it.

When u have a working Java 2 runtime environment, unpack the CDDB Mp3 Renamer
archive to any directory you want.

To start the program, just type "java -jar CDDB-Mp3-Renamer.jar" and the
program should start. That should you do from a terminal in linux or from
a "Command Prompt" in windows.

The rest should not be too hard to understand. Type in what you want to search
for in the textfield in the upper left corner and press search. The program
will then search for it and list the albums that corresponds to the input.
Click on any of the albums and it will show a list of the songs that it
contains. The "Open File" button is used to specify where your local album is
located on your harddrive. Simply browse to your album and open *any* file in
that directory. The program will then list all .mp3 files in the directory and
sort them in alphabetical order. Note: If your files are named in a way that
makes them come in a different order than they are on the album, this will not
work, and you should NOT rename the files. If everything went well, you should
now be able to use the "Rename Files" button. (note that it is grayed out
until you have chosen both directory and album in the lists). The current
status of the program is always shown at the bottom of the window.


The current "staff" of the program ;)

Original idea, testing, documentation:
: iocc,at,flashdance,cx iocc @ EFNet IRC

Programming, testing, documentation:
Mikael Neman : mikael,at,angband,se

If you feel up to it, you can report bugs, come with new suggestions etc to
one of us.

We hang out in #musikvideos on EFNet, IRC.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The program has been briefly tested, and may still contain
serious bugs. The authors of this program DO NOT take any responsibility for
any damage it may cause to your system.


The source code is distributed under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (GPL).
For more information, see the file "GPL.txt".


How CDDB Mp3 Renamer looks in Linux:


The renamed result from above image:


How CDDB Mp3 Renamer looks in Linux:


The renamed result from above image:


How CDDB Mp3 Renamer looks in Linux:


The renamed result from above image:


How CDDB Mp3 Renamer looks in Linux:


The renamed result from above image:


How CDDB Mp3 Renamer looks in Windows:

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