Special note :

      H2O does it again.........!!!

      Although everybody thought that Syncrosoft and Steinberg had found the
      ultimate protection, we prove otherwise.

      We admit that it's  getting harder and harder  to do and this  one may
      possibly be the last one we do.

      Due to the complex nature of the protection we thought of  approaching
      it from another direction.

      The Emulation is  now done on  driver-level, which means  that the Emu
      essentially mimics  a dongle,  look in  the License  Control Center to
      view the applications the Emu  supports. By writing the Emu  at driver
      -level we probably went beyond cracking an application. The amount  of
      effort invested in this project is staggering , estimated at over 1500
      manhours  during cracking,  developing &  testing, and  probably will
      never be done again.

      We hope u enjoy this release and the motto "if u use it alot then  buy
      it!" applies


      Note to protection coders :

      Unbelievable  way  you  transform  an  application.  We  estimate that
      between  30%  & 40%  of  the application  are  wrapped in  the  script
      protection.  Protection  is  one  thing  but  this  surely  effects an
      application performance. You probably could get a performance gain  of
      50% without the protection!!

      Think about this : Once broken, the protection is , what ????


      Currently the Emu doesn't support CuBaseSX 1, the effort to support it
      being  too  high, besides  the  older Emu's  work  perfectly for  that
      (ARCTIC/ZONE). For more info, check the Readme on the Emu.


      To any 'l33t  crackz0rs' attempting to  remove the H2O-splash,  or the
      trayicon; perhaps, a little respect to this effort and don't do  that,
      also it may affect operation....

      To end-users,  if you  don't see  the H2O-splash  and trayicon, expect
      problems... We  will not  take blame  for work  that has been tampered

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