General Info

General information about cSFV

The program is used for checking the integrity of files
and quickly give a picture of which files are ok, broken or missing..
and thats basicly it..

The SFV program calculate the CRC32 value of the file it´s checking
and verify´s it with the checksum written in the .sfv file..

Mathematically it can be proven that CRC32 catches all errors
below 33 bit and 99,99999998% of all errors above 32 bit.

Main Features

  • File and/or folder associations
  • Recursive folder scan
  • Recursive sfv creation
  • Custom color settings
  • Program priority settings

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Download cSFV

Current version : cSFV v1.40

Previous versions :
cSFV v1.39
cSFV v1.38
cSFV v1.37
cSFV v1.36
cSFV v1.35
cSFV v1.34
cSFV v1.33
cSFV v1.32
cSFV v1.31
cSFV v1.30
cSFV v1.29
SFV Checker v1.28
SFV Checker v1.27
SFV Checker v1.26
SFV Checker v1.25
SFV Checker v1.24
SFV Checker v1.23
SFV Checker v1.22
SFV Checker v1.21
SFV Checker v1.20

Version History

cSFV version history

1.40 (16/08/2003)

Fixed :

  • Bug when showing speed..

1.39 (06/08/2003)

Fixed :

  • Rebuild the whole thing.. lots of minor changes.

Added :

  • Files that are 'known good' will be displayed in a different color.
  • Result info can be stored into a textfile.
  • Progress data that havent been accessed in 7 days will be removed.

1.38 (14/12/2002)

Fixed :

  • Messed up the "Skip known good files" somehow .. works now.

NOTE: this function only works until the sfv is complete.

Added :

  • YesToAll and NoToAll botton when creating and the sfv file already exists.
  • Minor improvements.

1.37 (02/10/2002)

Fixed :

  • Failed to read sfv files with only 0x0d as line break..
  • Failed to overwrite sfv files with read-only bit set when creating sfv file..
  • if creating a sfv file and aborting .. the sfv wont be written..

Added :

  • Will read sfv files where crc is writen as 0xFFFFFFFF instead of FFFFFFFF..

1.36 (11/03/2002)

Fixed :

  • Was Unable To Write List With Files Checked Ok In Win9x..
  • Was Unable To Get Correct 'Long' Filename (Only If "Hide file extensions for known file types" Was Enabled in Windows Folder Settings..)

Added :

  • Pressign F5 Will Check The Last Checked .sfv File Again..

1.35 (08/03/2002)

Fixed :

  • FileSize Showed The Size Of The Last File If The Current File Was missing..

Added :

  • Can Skip Files Already Check OK..
  • Remembers The Position Of The Columns.. (if you want to move them around)
  • Can Show a List of The .sfv File(s) Created..
  • Minor Changes Here And There..

1.34 (11/01/2002)

Fixed :

  • Bug If The Sfv File Was Read Only..

Added :

  • Can Show The File Sizes..

1.33 (17/12/2001)

Fixed :

  • Bug In The File Association Function..

1.32 (18/11/2001)

Fixed :

  • Threading Error in UpdateCheck..

1.31 (18/11/2001)

Added :

  • More Association Options..
  • Ability To Only Check Specifik Choosen Files From the .sfv File.
  • Ability To Only Create a .sfv For a Choosen List of Files.
  • Include File Info (Size, Creation Time) in the sfv File.
  • Include a NFO in The sfv File.
  • Exclude Choosen File Types When Crating a sfv File.
  • Drag´n´Drop support for sfv Files and Folders.
  • A Default File Name Can Be Set For When Creating sfv Files.
  • Can Show ETA and Speed when Checking sfv Files.
  • Can Be Set On Pause When Checking.

1.30 (20/06/2001)

Updated :

  • Final adjustment to the "win9x engine"

1.29 (20/06/2001)

Updated :

  • So it would seem, that the changes made in the CRCEngine, only made it faster in WinNT/2k but slower in Win9x .. so, now it determins the platform type and uses the proper engine..
  • Changed the program name to "cSFV".

1.28 (08/06/2001)

Updated :

  • CRC32 Engine .. Speed improvment of 1,43 mb/s.

1.27 (16/05/2001)

Fixed :

  • UpdateCheck.. (changed location of were to find newer versions)
  • Bug in "ShortPathToLongPath"..
  • if prog was running "Check SFV File" (dbl click on .sfv file) did´nt work

Added :

  • Extra Check in .sfv reader.. should remove any invalid lines..
  • .sfv files gets the applications icon.. (I forgot in 1.26)
  • Empty line in 'Status Window' between each sfv file..
  • Removed one of the progress bars in the buttom of the prog..
  • Title will display "Checking x of y - xx% …"

1.26 (21/01/2001)

Added :

  • Popup menu in the lower window with folowing options:
  • "Open Folder", "Explore Folder", "Edit sfv File"
  • "Set Associations" to Options Menu
  • ShortCut´s..

1.25 (23/12/2000)

Added :

  • Custom color settings
  • ProgressBar
  • Check for update

1.24 (15/11/2000)

Fixed :

  • Bug that created an execption if there were an empty line in a sfv file..

Added :

  • Selectable thread priority (Idle, Above Idle, Below Normal, Normal)..
  • Added Manual ColumnSizeing.
  • Dbl.Click on a line will open an explorer window in the Folder you clicked on..

1.23 (14/11/2000)

Fixed :

  • Bug in the thread. Caused porgram to crash if quiting the prog. while checking..

Updated :

  • Rewrote the part that reads the .sfv files.. .sfv.old will no longer apear.. this was done when the .sfv file was in "Unix format", where a return is defined by 0A and not 0D0A as done in "Dos format"..

1.22 (13/11/2000)

Added :

  • MultiThreating
  • Column sorting.
  • Made the proggy lookup the full-length name of the path given by windows

1.21 (11/11/2000)

Removed :

  • Custom color settings. Caused crashes.. will be readded when I get it to work..

1.20 (11/11/2000)

Added something.. can´t remember.. :)


How To Install cSFV

Unpack the file, and copy it to where ever you want..
Start it .. and choose the options you want..

Future Plans

Futureplans with cSFV

None at the moment..

Known Bugs

Known bugs in cSFV

Dont know of any at the moment.
But them bastards are always there..
just gotta find ´em :)

If you find any bugs..
Mail me! CruZer@AntiSpam.dk

What To Do (FAQ)

How to do stuff .. (FAQ)

Well .. if ppl starts asking me about
how to do something .. then I'll put
it in here…



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