General Info

General information about cSFVse

This version of the the program, is supposed to be used with a ftp server..
checking uploaded files and generating progress info..

The SFV program calculate the CRC32 value of the file it´s checking
and verify´s it with the checksum written in the .sfv file..

Mathematically it can be proven that CRC32 catches all errors
below 33 bit and 99,99999998% of all errors above 32 bit.

Main Features

  • Can be started from a ftp-server (if the server support event execution)
  • Can monitor folders for write-access and queue the folder after a defined delay
  • Remembers the files that has been checked ok
  • Generates progress info, so ppl using the ftp quickly can see what´s missing ..
  • Ignore specific file-types and folders when scanning
  • Drop a nfo when the entire sfv file is ok
  • Execute a file when the entire sfv file is ok
  • Make "DiskSpace info" folders
  • "Announce to file" (mainly for use with G6Stats)
  • Program priority settings
  • Generate list of latest uploads
  • Can extract mp3 media info

Screen Shots



Download cSFVse

Preview version : cSFVse v2.69 Beta

Current version : cSFVse v2.68

Previous versions :

  • cSFVse v2.67
  • cSFVse v2.66
  • SFV Checker SE v2.65
  • SFV Checker SE v2.64
  • SFV Checker SE v2.63
  • SFV Checker SE v2.62
  • SFV Checker SE v2.61

Version History

cSFVse version history

2.68 (14/09/2001)

Added :

  • "Latest Uploads" will put a '.message' file (or whatever you want to call it) in the root of your ftp. So ppl connecting to your ftp can see whats new..
  • "Mp3 Info File" will put a '.message' file in the checked folder if mp3 files exists.
  • "Mp3 Info" (in Info Folders) will create a folder with mp3 info, in the checked folder, if mp3 files exists.

Updated :

  • In "Announce To File" Dates, Mp3 Header and Mp3 Tag Info can be added..
  • Following 3 Progress Folders can now be disabled and edited..

-= All files CRC OK - 42 mb in 7 files =-
-= Total Files = 3 - 2 Good - 1 Bad - 0 Missing =-
-= Files Untested.. NO SFV Present =-

2.67 (27/06/2001)

Changed :

  • GigaBytes… to GB, MB and KB in DiskSpace Info..
  • Minor changes to "Execute" in OnSFVComplete..

Fixed :

  • "Read beyond end of file" problem when reading the progress files..

Added :

  • "No SFV" Indicator in Stat Folders..
  • "Announce To File" in OnSFVComplete..

2.66 (21/06/2001)

So it would seem, that the changes made in the CRCEngine, only made it faster
in WinNT/2k but slower in Win9x .. so, now it determins the platform type and
uses the proper engine..

Changed the program name to "cSFVse".
Removed Registration part .. just send me an Email if you like the program :)

Fixed :

  • Execption if writing progress files failed.

Added :

  • Diskspace info.. can create something like this in your upload..

-= Disk Space Total xx GigaBytes =-= Disk Space Free xx GigaBytes =-

2.65 (08/06/2001)

Fixed :

  • Bug when runnung with "Startup Minimized" caused Status and Queue window to stay invisible..

Updated :

  • CRC32 Engine .. Speed improvment of 1,43 mb/s.

2.64 (16/05/2001)

Fixed :

  • Execption if UpdateCheck was denied (by firewall)
  • About box was unable to show if the Queue Window was visible.. (due to changes from 2.62 to 2.63)
  • When prog was executed for the first time.. all the default values were NOT set.. must be those late nights :)

Added :

  • PopUpMenu in TrayIcon (Execute, HALT, Show/Hide, Enable/Disable, Exit)
  • Extra check in .sfv reader.. should remove any invalid lines..
  • Execute a file OnSFVComplete

2.63 (14/02/2001)

Fixed :

  • Exception if the .sfv file was empty..
  • Sync. between the threads..
  • Minor changes here and there..

Added :

  • Startup Minimized..
  • Check for update..
  • Multi folder monitoring..
  • Shortcuts..
  • NFO Drop
  • More Stat Folders

2.62 (17/11/2000)

Fixed :

  • Bug that caused the window height to increse if the Queue or progressBar was visible..
  • Execption if there were an empty line in a sfv file..

Added :

  • Threating + selectable priority (Idle, Above Idle, Below Normal, Normal)..
  • Dbl.Click on a line, opens an explorer window in the folder you clicked on..
  • Manual ColumnSizeing
  • "Close after scan" (The entire program terminates after each scan..)

2.61 (09/11/2000)

Added :

  • Sizeing of the window..

Rewrote the part that reads the .sfv files..
Made some changes to the "queue" system..

2.60 (08/11/2000)

Found a little bubu when generating
-= All files CRC OK - 120 mb in 8 files =- .. ups :)

2.59 (07/11/2000)

Added :

  • "Folders to ignore" in the Options menu..
  • Size count and File Count to "all files crc ok" it is now

"-= All files CRC OK - 120 mb in 8 files =-"

2.58 (04/11/2000)

Added :

  • Minimize to tray.

2.57 (27/10/2000)

(First public version)
Changed the design completely!

Prior versions.. can´t really remember what I added when.. :)


How To Install cSFVse

Unpack the file, and copy it to where ever you want..
Start it .. and choose the options you want..

How To Setup in G6 Ftp Server (BulletProof Ftp Server)


Go to the menu Setup / Event Manager / OnFileUploaded
Enable Execute .. and enter location of cSFVse and ' -AddToQueue "%FILEPATH" '
As shown above..

Future Plans

Futureplans with cSFVse

Ability to create .message files for the ftp .. containing info
such as : Uploader, number/size of files

Splitting the program up in 2.. a GUI less "deamon"
and a GUI program for logs, settings, etc..

Known Bugs

Known bugs in cSFVse

There have been reports that using "Close after scan" can raise
an exception.. so.. until I get it fixed.. just dont use it..

If you find any bugs..
Mail me! CruZer@AntiSpam.dk

What To Do (FAQ)

How to do stuff .. (FAQ)

Well .. if ppl starts asking me about
how to do something .. then I'll put
it in here…

HOWTO: Integrate cSFVse into FlashFXP

HOWTO: Integrate cSFVse into FlashFXP
Written by: turbo|TBL

Obtaining the software:
-FlashFXP can be downloaded and legally used for 30 days.
-cSFVse is freely available from his website. What a nice guy :)


For the purposes of this howto, we use "C:\Program Files\FlashFXP" for the
FlashFXP install location, and "C:\Program Files\FlashFXP\cSFVse" for the
cSFVse install location.


1. Extract cSFVse archive to the location of your choice.

2. Create the .bat file and then insert the contents via a text editor:
Filename: sfvcheck.bat

"C:\Program Files\FlashFXP\cSFVse\cSFVd.exe" -file "%1"

***NOTE: make sure the paths reflect your own systems configuration
***NOTE: Thise whole file should only contain one (1) line

3. In your FlashFXP installation directory, locate the file 'FlashFXP.ini'
and open it in a text editor.

4. Insert the following block of text into the file 'FlashFXP.ini':
Filename: FlashFXP.ini

app="C:\Program Files\FlashFXP\sfvcheck.bat"

***NOTE: make sure the paths reflect your own systems configuration
***NOTE: Thise whole file should only contain one (4) lines

Final Notes: FlashFXP must be restarted for changes to take effect. Also,
you will most likely want to go through cSFVse's GUI and set the
applications options according to your own tastes/preferences.

Contact the Author:
I can be reached via email for any questions, comments, complaints, or
suggestions that you may have. Constructive feedback or ideas are always
appreciated. I check my email least every other day and I will reply as
promptly as I can.

Best regards,

email: turbo{---press--shift-two---}glftpd.com

I would like to extend my thanks to the FlashFXP development team and to
CruZer for creating such nice software, and for all the thoughtful and hard
work they have put in.

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