PRET patch + distro patches applied

Suggested usage of this patched version:

/usr/local/bin/curlftpfs 'user:dlt.revres.ptf|drowssap#dlt.revres.ptf|drowssap:port' /mnt/ftp -o noatime,ro,allow_other,ssl,no_verify_hostname,no_verify_peer,enable_pret,kernel_cache,auto_cache,tcp_nodelay,cache_timeout=10,max_background=20


Trying to make it work with drftpd.

in this file:

in this function:
static void set_common_curl_stuff(CURL* easy) {

add the following line:
curl_easy_setopt_or_die(easy, CURLOPT_FTP_USE_PRET, 1);

Daniel Stenberg (1 Jan 2010)
- Ingmar Runge enhanced libcurl's FTP engine to support the PRET command. This
  command is a special "hack" used by the drftpd server, but even though it is
  a custom extension I've deemed it fine to add to libcurl since this server
  seems to survive and people keep using it and want libcurl to support
  it. The new libcurl option is named CURLOPT_FTP_USE_PRET, and it is also
  usable from the curl tool with --ftp-pret. Using this option on a server
  that doesn't support this command will make libcurl fail.

  I added test cases 1107 and 1108 to verify the functionality.

  The PRET command is documented at

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