DivX DRF Analyzer

This tool is referenced in The XviD Releasing Standards 2005.


DivX DRF Analyzer

Author: NFJ

DivX DRF Analyzer 0.9.5 opens DivX ;) 3.11 and DivX 4, DivX 5 and XVID avi files and analyses
its quality. It plots a graphic with the DRF values/quantizers of each frame. Also plots
a graphic with the size of each frame. Identifies key and dropped frames. A report is generated
with overall technical/statistical characteristics of the file.

[New in]

Just a quick small fix to support DivX 5.0.5.

[New in 0.9.5]

Packeted Avi Frames Support for full account of B-Frames in DivX5 codec. Very CPU intensive, resulting in slower analysis, when necessary only.
New configuration file. Generated automatically with default values.
Minor changes in the report section.
Minor source cleaning. Optimized (hopefully) compilation options.

[New in 0.9.4]

Command Line Options: DRFanalyzer.exe [filename.avi] [—output DRFreport.txt] . It is now possible to open a video file using RightclickOnFile->OpenWith->ChooseProgram->Other. When generating a DRFreport.txt the program exits automatically when finished.
DRF export feature should be working properly know. Backward compatible with previous export versions.
Minor optimizations.

[New in 0.9.3]

Static MFC compilation. No more dlls required. Larger file size…
It is no longer necessary to have any codec installed.
Identify the FourCC of the avi file. With the mpeg4 user data, the encoder codec is now completly identified.
Suport for the original MS MPEG4 v2 and v3.
Should be a little faster.
Reading drf export files may result in missing/strange values in the Report Section. To be fixed in future releases.

[New in 0.9.2]

Implemented a MPEG4 bitstream parser class based on XVID source code.
Support for DIVX3.11, DIVX4.x, DIVX5.x and XVID.
Support for MPEG4 I, P, B, S frame types. B frames and DivX5 packeted bitstream support isn't complete yet.
Identification of mpeg4 encoder using internal user data string when available.
Report section was updated with more information. Frame type statistics, recommended resolution and other minor changes.

[New in 0.9.0]

Added DivX4 (version 4.12 only) support. The frame structure seams to change with different versions of DivX4.
For instance, this program doesn't support files that were encoded with version 4.0 of the DivX Codec.
For more information about DivX DRF Analyzer 0.9.0 limitations, please visit http://www.geocities.com/analyzerDRF.

[New in 0.8.3]

Added the option to correct the DRF statistical information ( not the graphics ) by ignoring the last 15000 frames
of the movie ( ~10 minutes ).
Minor changes.

[New in 0.8.2]

Minor graphical changes. Some thresholds were refined in the Report section.

[New in 0.8.1]

Minor changes. The frame size graphic was not completly draw.

[New in 0.8]

Generates a report with some facts about the file and a subjective classification
of the video quality.
Exports the analysis to a file for future use, or to show to someone else the quality of a file
( when trading, for instance ).



ATTENTION: The screen color depth must be 32bit. RightClickOnDesktop->Properties->Settings.
This Program was tested in Windows2000, XP and 2003 RC2 only. In Win95/98/ME, it may not work properly.
The Frame Size graphic isn't draw in Win98se.
Reading from a CDROM may be slow.


This program uses some code from Nandub to open the Avi File.
Some code is based on the XVID's MPEG4 bitstream header parser source code (2003-03-01).

"Nandub is a modified version of VirtualDub 1.4d, so I guess I should let these lines untouched, although I personally would add a ' ;ppp ' at the end of the last sentence…"

"VirtualDub is copyright © 1998-2000 by Avery Lee, All Rights Reserved. VirtualDub is released with NO WARRANTY and freely usable/distributable under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). It should have been included with VirtualDub; if not, you may receive a copy by writing to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave., Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.
Any trademarks mentioned here are the property of their owners. To the author's knowledge no trademark or patent infringement exists in this document or in the VirtualDub distribution; any such infringement is purely unintentional."

"XviD is an implementation of a part of one or more MPEG-4 Video tools
as specified in ISO/IEC 14496-2 standard. Those intending to use this
software module in hardware or software products are advised that its
use may infringe existing patents or copyrights, and any such use
would be at such party's own risk. The original developer of this
software module and his/her company, and subsequent editors and their
companies, will have no liability for use of this software or
modifications or derivatives thereof."


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