FlacReleaser 1.06

By Lossman, 2006


Flac Releaser is a tool to create support files and tag Flac files in a standard way.
It is very similar to MP3releaser done by morgoth a few years ago.


- Auto Nfo creation
- Auto SFV
- Auto M3U
- Auto Renaming
- Auto Cue fixing
- Auto Tag manipulation
- Creates Folder name

Basically after running the tool you should have a complete LOSSLESS album with all the relevent support files.



Latest News

Version 1.06 released with coverart, release size and cuefixing support
Version 1.05 Fixed the nfo viewer, it now saves in high Ascii again
Version 1.0 Re-write is done, stable version released
Re-write is coming in dot net 2.0 since lots of people have problems with vb6 data access components, stay tuned. This should make the app a lot better too. 19/06/06
Version 0.9 released - Fixed OCX/database not found errors, new installer/uninstaller
Version 0.8 released - New Nfo Templates
Version 0.7 released - New GUI


Build 1.06 (356k)
Important: You will need the Dot.Net 2.0 distributable to run this program
Dot.Net 2.0 (22mb)


Contributions in
#lossless @ efnet

Upcoming Features

- Cusom nfo file templates (Let you create your own ascii nfo files) [Added v1.03]
- Auto Fill custom Nfo templates [Added v1.05]
- Auto Fill Song data from tag on start [Added v0.8]


This program is meant to be used to rename and create support files for your own music collection ripped in the lossless music format

All screenshots show freely available flac files from this band http://www.archive.org/details/exp018

- Flacreleaser uses Enfis_SFV by Enfis The Paladin
- Flacreleaser uses Tag.exe by Ca5e
- Flacreleaser uses Cue-Builder.exe by Fairway

The source code for FlacReleaser is available on request. It is programmed in Visual studio 2005 Express edition.


How to make a release in 2 minutes using flacreleaser

1st time load

File » Options

Fill out Group name and Group Tag. Also set your output directory.

EAC settings, Make sure you follow the ripping guide in the "Rules" menu "Ripping Guide". Also change the filename convention to %N-%A-%T

To create a release

- Click on the "…" Button next to Source directory on the main page
Select the directory with your source flac files, cue and logs.

Note: If you want to rename the files at this point click on "Advanced mode" and then "Auto Renamer".
If the Files are tagged properly this function will automatically rename the files to the standard format.

- Enter the Details about the Artist, Title, Dates, genre and Format to the main screen

- Thats most of the work done, now just click on the "copy flacs button" and then "start copy". This copys the files to the output directory.

- Follow steps 2,3,4,5 by clicking on the buttons "create support files", "write extra tag nfo", "write m3u", and "write sfv". (you may have to wait for a dos box to close on the sfv function as it takes a few seconds to complete.

Thats it, now go look at your release in the specified output directory.

Advanced Mode

Nfo Creator

This is just a simple program to load and nfo and edit it. just click on the check box "overwrite text" and then you can edit the nfo in the window without disrupting the text template. Ignore the "replace" box for now, that is there for a future feature of auto-filling an nfo template.

Auto Renamer

As mentioned earlier this feature simply looks at the tags of the flac files, and renames them to the standard format. This can be very usefull if you have a release that is tagged, but not named correctly.

Log Analyzer

This program simply checks a log file for errors in the ripping technique. It only works on log files created with Exact Audio Copy. Just load the log file, and click Analyze. The program will give results and tell you if there where any errors in the way you ripped your music. If you do get errors, go back to the main program and click the "Rules" toolbar, then "Ripping Guide", this will teach you how to make a perfect bit for bit copy of a cd using EAC.


Exact Audio Copy
Ripping Guide 1 (archived page without images)
Ripping Guide 2 (link down)

Copied from archived web page on https://web.archive.org/web/20070308085737/http://flacreleaser.mine.nu/flacreleaser/

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