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I threw together a powershell script inspired by XP10's snippet.
I requires WinRAR to be installed to "C:\Program Files\WinRAR\Rar.exe" (typical x64 install path for WinRAR).
It is also recommended to have a more recent WinRAR version installed, which can handle RAR5 setups (that's where the python implementation probably fails).

The script expects your setup files to look either like this: winrar-x64-<version>.exe or wrar<version>.exe
They can all be in the same folder.
Drop this script in the same folder where all your setups are and run it with this command:

powershell -executionpolicy bypass -File .\preprardir.ps1

The script will create a x86 and x64 folder and sort the extracted rar versions accordingly - I don't know that even matters for pyReScene and my implemented "logic" is crap but it works.
The script will also rename the extracted Rar.exe files just like the python version did.

It was tested against the "<=4.20 + betas" from this page: and pack I created with newer WinRAR version (5.50b1 up to 7.00b4) - please mirror it.

by iCEQB (guest), 16 Feb 2024 16:25
Paul (guest) 07 Feb 2024 04:14
in discussion General discussion / ReScene » Exit Code= -1073741701 (proof of errror code in srrGUI)

That's odd; this is the error code I get when trying to use any of the four processes listed on the srrGUI. I also forgot to mention I also get the error code 0xc000007b from srr.exe. I know it's supposed to be some issue with 32/64 bit incompaitbility with vcruntime. Followed the troubleshooting steps from previous post about this and still getting error code.

By the way, has this been tested on windows 11?

by Paul (guest), 07 Feb 2024 04:14

I had this all working fine and used it for years on my old Windows 8.1 machine. I'm on a new Windows 11 machine and I can't get anything to work. I've installed Python and set my PATH. When I run retag in Powershell from the unzipped directory it just loads to a new line, without trying to do anything. The same thing happens with srr and srs.


When I try to use Command Prompt I get an error that, "The code execution cannot proceed because MSVCR100.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem." I've verified MSVCR100.dll is on my system, it's actually in several directories including system32. I even reinstalled the C++ redistributables (2010 and 2015-2022).

Not sure what the issue is, anyone have any ideas?

Retag not working, not sure why by obfusobfus, 29 Jan 2024 03:59
Théocrate (guest) 02 Jan 2024 21:29
in discussion General discussion / ReScene » Missing volumes?

I switched to using the command line after some better understanding, but I'm running into the same problem.

I extracted the versions of winrar following the tutorials and grabbed a hold of the srr file, but it's showing me the same thing as the GUI did, only that it also precises the mkv file is missing.

Using the -l command shows me the rar file and volumes, but the extraction process only ever recreates the same 3 files once. Here's a screenshot of what I got for reference.

by Théocrate (guest), 02 Jan 2024 21:29
Missing volumes?
Théocrate (guest) 01 Jan 2024 18:34
in discussion General discussion / ReScene » Missing volumes?

I got the exe files, but as the command line was hard to figure out, I picked srrgui.exe to reconstruct the rar file. From the website and from the program, it tells me about the sfv, the nvo and the srs files, and it also tells me about the original rar file as well as the r00 to r22 files, but as soon as I start the process, the rar file shows up without the other parts.

I figured that maybe it was downloaded all at once, but when I try to extract the mkv file inside, it asks for the next volume, which isn't anywhere in my computer. I feel like I missed a step, as I'm completely new to this, but those being missing, I can't open the mkv file at all. I just downloaded the latest winrar and am not sure I follow the tutorials properly (kind of a visual learner on this one, wished there was a video tutorial on how to do it).

Does anyone know what I must do for all the volumes to show up so that I can properly get my file extracted?

Missing volumes? by Théocrate (guest), 01 Jan 2024 18:34
ldcrew (guest) 26 Dec 2023 15:33
in discussion General discussion / ReScene » SrrGUI help

have the same issue on windows 10. it does say its missing that dll. i download the dll manually and added to windows. still did not work.

by ldcrew (guest), 26 Dec 2023 15:33

Hi all,

I'm trying to rebuild Splinter.Cell.Chaos.Theory-RELOADED but non of the RAR versions (184 version tried) match the packer that RELOADED used.
I read that RELOADED has some kind of custom packer and that this issue has been resolved in 2016 (
Is there any flag that forces pyRescene to try the RELOADED modifications while testing for a compatible RAR version?
I saw in the source code that it was tested with Street.Fighter.V-RELOADED which was released 10 years after Splinter.Cell.Chaos.Theory-RELOADED - so I hoped that Splinter Cell won't be an issue.
Currently I don't know what to do from here :(

iCEQB (guest) 10 Dec 2023 16:01
in discussion General discussion / ReScene » Can't rebuild Sega_Rally_v2_EUR_PSP-PLAYASiA

Managed to rebuild it with the —mt-set 2 (or 4?) flag.

by iCEQB (guest), 10 Dec 2023 16:01

I think this is great tools but i also feel that it is very messy.

It is old aswell. Perhaps an overlook and an update would be in place? Make it more easier, a one package install and you have everything setup. Both windows, linux and mac.

Update of the tools request by blixten85blixten85, 27 Nov 2023 14:07

- Recreating Sample .. expect output from SRS

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/local/lib/python3.11/dist-packages/pyReScene-0.7-py3.11.egg/resample/", line 266, in main
t0 = time.clock()
AttributeError: module 'time' has no attribute 'clock'
Unexpected Error:
module 'time' has no attribute 'clock'

This is run on a raspberry pi 4 with raspbian x64 latest updates
Distributor ID: Debian
Description: Debian GNU/Linux 12 (bookworm)
Release: 12
Codename: bookworm


I’m sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with your Python code. The error message you received indicates that the time module in Python 3.11 does not have an attribute named clock. This is because the clock function has been removed from the time module since Python 3.8 1234.

To fix this error, you can replace the clock() function with either perf_counter() or process_time() functions, depending on your requirements

This is what BING told me.


After some conversation with chatGPT 3.5 this is the new updated file with the changes

from time import perf_counter

t0 = time.clock()
t0 = perf_counter()

t1 = time.clock()
t1 = perf_counter()


I'm trying to rebuild Sega_Rally_v2_EUR_PSP-PLAYASiA, got a matching ISO and the latest pyRescene (as of November 20th).
But I always get the following error - any ideas?

C:\pyReScene\bin\windows>pysrr.bat "E:\tmp\Sega Rally srr\Sega_Rally_v2_EUR_PSP-PLAYASiA.srr" -ypri "E:\tmp\Sega Rally srr\work" -o "E:\tmp\Sega Rally srr\Sega_Rally_v2_EUR_PSP-PLAYASiA" -z C:\Users\iCEQB\Desktop\srrgui-1.3\RARTRY\ -t "E:\tmp\Sega Rally srr\temp"
SRR file created with pyReScene Auto 0.4.
Re-creating stored file: pa-segarl2.nfo
Re-creating stored file: pa-segarl2.sfv
Re-creating RAR file: pa-segarl2.rar
Trying to rebuild compressed file pa-segarl2.iso.
Grabbing large enough data piece size for testing.
Trying 2012-06-09 4.20.
Good RAR version detected: 2012-06-09 4.20
C:\Users\iCEQB\Desktop\srrgui-1.3\RARTRY\2012-06-09_rar420.exe a -m5 -mdG -s- -ds -mt1 -vn -o+ -ep -idcd -v22564569b E:\tmp\Sega Rally srr\temp\SRR-n_yj3r4y\pyReScene_com
pressed.rar E:\tmp\Sega Rally srr\work\pa-segarl2.iso
Compressing pa-segarl2.iso...

Evaluation copy. Please register.

Creating archive E:\tmp\Sega Rally srr\temp\SRR-n_yj3r4y\pyReScene_compressed.rar

Adding E:\tmp\Sega Rally srr\work\pa-segarl2.iso
Calculating the control sum

Creating archive E:\tmp\Sega Rally srr\temp\SRR-n_yj3r4y\pyReScene_compressed.r00

... pa-segarl2.iso
Calculating the control sum

Creating archive E:\tmp\Sega Rally srr\temp\SRR-n_yj3r4y\pyReScene_compressed.r01

... pa-segarl2.iso
Calculating the control sum

Creating archive E:\tmp\Sega Rally srr\temp\SRR-n_yj3r4y\pyReScene_compressed.r02

... pa-segarl2.iso
Calculating the control sum

Creating archive E:\tmp\Sega Rally srr\temp\SRR-n_yj3r4y\pyReScene_compressed.r03

... pa-segarl2.iso
Calculating the control sum

Creating archive E:\tmp\Sega Rally srr\temp\SRR-n_yj3r4y\pyReScene_compressed.r04

... pa-segarl2.iso
Calculating the control sum

Creating archive E:\tmp\Sega Rally srr\temp\SRR-n_yj3r4y\pyReScene_compressed.r05

... pa-segarl2.iso
Calculating the control sum

Creating archive E:\tmp\Sega Rally srr\temp\SRR-n_yj3r4y\pyReScene_compressed.r06

... pa-segarl2.iso OK
Calculating the control sum
Still not fine :(.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:\pyReScene\rescene\", line 605, in main
parser.exit(manage_srr(options, infolder, infiles, working_dir))
File "C:\pyReScene\rescene\", line 319, in manage_srr
options.volume is None, options.volume, rar_mt)
File "C:\pyReScene\rescene\", line 1332, in reconstruct
in_folder, hints, auto_locate_renamed)
File "C:\pyReScene\rescene\", line 1722, in get_rar_data_object
File "C:\pyReScene\rescene\", line 2044, in compressed_rar_file_factory
nblock, followup_src, solid=False)
File "C:\pyReScene\rescene\", line 2237, in init
raise ValueError("Still not fine :(.")
ValueError: Still not fine :(.
Unexpected Error: Still not fine :(.
Can't rebuild Sega_Rally_v2_EUR_PSP-PLAYASiA by iCEQB (guest), 21 Nov 2023 12:34

Hello, everyone.

I am looking for some information or documentation on how to manually reScene unpacked scene release.

What I know that a command prompt is definitely used with some specific switches to create rar files.

rar_version.exe a -m1 -mdG -mt4 -vn -v250000000b release_name.rar release_name.iso
rar_version.exe a -m1 -mdG -s- -ds -mt1 -vn -o+ -ep -idcd -vn -v11766322b release_name.rar release_name.iso

Yet, CRC32 sums never match when I try to verify obtained results with SFV files stored at srrDB.

Does anyone can provide a few examples of such a command prompt that are typical for a Scene Group (e.g. Fairlight or Codex)? Or guide where I can find them.
I know that srr files actually contain some hints of what RAR version (Windows, Linux etc.) was initially used for packing a Scene Release and sometimes it is necessary to play with switches (for example, changing numbers for: -mt1 or -mt3 etc) to guess the correct command prompt.
However, I am so confused of what other switches could look like and a number of tries the guessing process may take. Not to mention that different RAR versions add even more variability for manual reScening.

I have been using srrGUI / pyReScene for some time and know that sometimes to find a good RAR is a pain in the neck. However, due to inability to reScene any releases after packed with RAR 5.50, I am wondering how others do it. Yes, I know that such manual reScene is rather a method based on a trial and error. But, I believe that more experienced folks know a few tricks for each Scene Group to begin with. On the other hand, I have a feeling that such command prompts should be pretty similar for each Scene Group (except for a size of a rar and a level of compression that change depending on each release).

Any assistance will be highly appreciated.

Manual reScene using RAR 5.50 and above by Solitude (guest), 17 Nov 2023 03:03

I have no idea. It's not an exit code of pyReScene.

What were you trying to do?

Re: Exit Code= -1073741701 by GfyGfy, 04 Nov 2023 13:26
20a (guest) 28 Oct 2023 17:54
in discussion General discussion / ReScene » [README] Unable to reconstruct

guys why is this happening??

srrGUI: srr.exe Z:\MMM100.E004.Kristina.Hard.Sofa.XXX.WMV-ER0S.srr -ypri \\MACBOOK\Downloads\ -o \\MACBOOK\Downloads\MMM100.E004.Kristina.Hard.Sofa.XXX.WMV-ER0SsrrGUI: Process running, please wait…
SRR file created with pyReScene Usenet 1.6.
Re-creating stored file: mmm100e004khs-er0s.nfo
Re-creating stored file: mmm100e004khs-er0s.sfv
Re-creating RAR file: mmm100e004khs-er0s.rar
The file does not exist: \\MACBOOK\Downloads\mmm100e004khs-er0s.wmv.

srrGUI: Process completed. srr.exe exit code = 1

it creates rar file 64kB big and thats it… any idea why this is happening?

by 20a (guest), 28 Oct 2023 17:54
Paul (guest) 27 Oct 2023 04:06
in discussion General discussion / ReScene » Exit Code= -1073741701

Forgot to mention that this error code happens is srrGUI.exe

by Paul (guest), 27 Oct 2023 04:06
Exit Code= -1073741701
Paul (guest) 27 Oct 2023 04:05
in discussion General discussion / ReScene » Exit Code= -1073741701

Basically the title. I get that error code, and I'm not sure what it means.

Exit Code= -1073741701 by Paul (guest), 27 Oct 2023 04:05

This pack was very handy but seems to have changed something and it is now inaccessible. I have uploaded a copy to Mega and also uploaded a folder containing all of the original installers for the included versions.

by 0ddb0d (guest), 26 Oct 2023 17:26
Paul (guest) 24 Oct 2023 07:13
in discussion General discussion / ReScene » Please help me, i am totally noob.

I have the same issue, but 64-bit system. What do you suggest I try?

by Paul (guest), 24 Oct 2023 07:13
lubo (guest) 15 Oct 2023 16:32
in discussion General discussion / ReScene » Can't Reconstruct Rar files

Hello I was able to fix this . that dll file was still missing I DL this packages and intallled it and it worked however.

srrGUI: srr.exe "C:\Users\win7\Downloads\xxxxx.srr xxxxx.srr" -ypri C:\Users\win7\Downloads\ -o C:\Users\win7\DownloadssrrGUI: Process running, please wait…
SRR file created with pyReScene Auto 0.6.
Re-creating stored file: xxxxxxxx.nfo
Re-creating stored file: Sample/xxxxxxxxx.srs
Re-creating stored file: xxxxxxxxsfv
Re-creating RAR file: xxxxxxxxxx.rar
The file does not exist: C:\Users\win7\Downloads\xxxxxxxx.mp4.

srrGUI: Process completed. srr.exe exit code = 1

it appears that rar file generated by this when I wan to open it wants r00 ro1 r02 until r27 split rar files to be unpacked but hey I dont have these files on my computer!!! I was expecting running this will load whole vide file to my compluter. instead of it it loads directory with 3 files .nfo ; .rar ; .sfv and 1 directory sample but when i want to unpack rar file as mentioned it wants r00 to r27 rar split files which I dont have. please advise! thanks.

by lubo (guest), 15 Oct 2023 16:32
lubo (guest) 15 Oct 2023 12:44
in discussion General discussion / ReScene » Can't Reconstruct Rar files

srrGUI: Process running, please wait…

srrGUI: Process completed. srr.exe exit code = -1073741515

nothing happens

why is this error? I am running this in VM 6.1.16 darwinamd64 windows 7 64bit.

Any idea why? first it was yelling msvcr100.dll missins so i installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Service Pack and error message disappeared however nothing is happening it just ends with exit code = -1073741515

any help will be appreciated.

by lubo (guest), 15 Oct 2023 12:44
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