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Interesting! I'll try to set it up and try it.

by InterClawInterClaw, 21 Nov 2021 01:39

I would like to use rescepy as part of a script

for example if it was successful, all files ok, none missing, then i would like to run another command, like compress the folder

000-eminem-the_marshall_mathers_lp-repack-cd-flac-2000.sfv: 18 files, 18 OK, 18 misnamed. 10.650 seconds, 42971.4K/s

if there is an error like below

Searching on … 1c

Errors: 1

I would want to do nothing further

Also the same if there are files missing

00-cecil_taylor—for_olim-1987-oma.sfv: 8 files, 7 OK, 1 not found. 0.121 seconds, 297037.0K/s

Errors: 1

i want to stop further processing.

Any ideas how I could do this?

Thanks in advance

using rescepy for scripting by DJKR (guest), 19 Nov 2021 18:16
jaloji (guest) 14 Nov 2021 22:27
in discussion General discussion / Other » Verify release integrity using SRR file


I think this is what you are looking for:


by jaloji (guest), 14 Nov 2021 22:27

Is there a way of verifying a (supposedly) complete release using the SRR file?

Let's say I have a folder with a release and I have the SRR file for the release. Can I tell pyReScene to check the whole release, using the information in the SRR file to see that all files have the correct checksum?

I'm not entirely sure that the SRR file actually stores the checksums for the files within, so if it doesn't I guess it would have to calculate it on the fly for the stored files. For samples it can get it from the SRS file. And for the archives they're of course in the SFV file(s).

I think this would be a neat way of quickly being able to verify the integrity of the full release.

Or perhaps there is some other way of accomplishing the same thing. Maybe a tool that scrapes srrDB?

Re: SrrGUI help
Da FoxDa Fox 19 Sep 2021 14:00
in discussion General discussion / ReScene » SrrGUI help

error -1073741515 is also known as 0xC0000135 and indicates probably a missing dll.
Does it also fail when running srr.exe directly?

start menu
cd …\path\to\srr

I don't know how to tell which dll might be missing.

Re: SrrGUI help by Da FoxDa Fox, 19 Sep 2021 14:00
SrrGUI help
Jimbo (guest) 04 Sep 2021 00:14
in discussion General discussion / ReScene » SrrGUI help

I am using SRRGUI option 2 reconstruct from SRR file. So I put my SRR file path, input and output, rar path and temp file location. I also select the checkbox the directory same file name. All the files are located in the same folder. I get this error.
srrGUI: srr.exe C:\XXX\YYY.srr -l -ypri C:\XXX\ -o C:\XXX\YYY
srrGUI: Process running, please wait…

srrGUI: Process completed. srr.exe exit code = -1073741515

Is the temp path where my temporary files are? I am using this location for my temp files C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Local\Temp\. Nothing is created even when I change the output or temp file location. Every process I select gives me the same error code.

SrrGUI help by Jimbo (guest), 04 Sep 2021 00:14
fr0139fr0139 31 Aug 2021 13:41
in discussion General discussion / Other » scenediscogs

Guys, hello. Your site is the best scene database on the Internet.

About 10 years ago, I was actively interested in collecting music scenereleases (electronic music labels and some favourite artists). To understand which catalog numbers and which scenereleases are in the collection, and which ones are not, I had to maintain my own database in Excel (for example, this is how it looks - or ). There were more and more releases in the collection, I realized that it was impossible to keep the database this way, and temporarily (I thought so, but it's been 8 years already) I stopped collecting labels, as I understood that I needed a site similar to, but only for the scenesreleases, where each release, if possible, would have a label, cat#, artist, year, etc., so that then everything would be automatically sorted by this information on the site. Moreover, as for the labels, the scenes of the group, although they themselves often sign the labels and the catalog of the number, but not always, especially the old releases from physical media (vinyls, discs).

In addition, it would be convenient to watch an ordered scene discography by any artist (albums, singles, as well as releases such as live performances, radioshows that are not included anywhere, even on

You have done something similar with the movie: there is the name of the movie and all the releases that relate to this movie are indicated inside, this is very cool!

Are you planning to do the same for music releases like I described above or something similar?

I have a bunch of ideas in my head how to implement this (I mean how it would all look (example - see image), but, alas, not coding, I'm not good at that).

P.S. Sorry for my English, I'm from Russia. Thank you, you are doing a great job keeping the scene alive!

scenediscogs by fr0139fr0139, 31 Aug 2021 13:41
mPD (guest) 13 Jul 2021 15:57
in discussion General discussion / Other » srrDB registration broken

Hi, yeah this is still not working. They know about the issue but not sure when (or if) it will be resolved.

by mPD (guest), 13 Jul 2021 15:57
lps (guest) 05 Jul 2021 20:48
in discussion General discussion / Other » srrDB registration broken

46 days later, registration still broken. Good job team

by lps (guest), 05 Jul 2021 20:48
Magenta (guest) 03 Jul 2021 22:23
in discussion General discussion / Other » Missing/requests

Can't find the srr files for these two releases on srrdb


Thanks for any help you can give me.

by Magenta (guest), 03 Jul 2021 22:23

I have the extracted file for


Can someone create an .srr please?

anon (guest) 10 Jun 2021 23:25
in discussion General discussion / ReScene » [SOLVED] down?

So where is the up to date code hosted then? I see the github repo ( hasn't been updated since 2019 :(

by anon (guest), 10 Jun 2021 23:25
srrDB registration broken
lps (guest) 20 May 2021 15:11
in discussion General discussion / Other » srrDB registration broken

Hi. I am trying to register to srrDB and every time I fill in the form info then click register it says "An unknown error has occured". I tried a few different web browsers.

srrDB registration broken by lps (guest), 20 May 2021 15:11

I have found multiple audio files in audio releases e.g. "1971-Ready_for_Winter_The_Story_2011_to_2016-WEB-2017-ENTiTLED/00-1971-ready_for_winter_the_story_2011_to_2016-web-2017.jpg"
this jpg file is in fact "05-1971-1971-5768d047.mp3" according to size and crc.

Another one

RAR part from "Survivors.Remorse.S04E02.HDTV.x264-FLEET"

Just some ideas to reduce these in the future.
Add input validation when uploading files e.g. check uploaded files against the release files and don't allow matches or only allow them after mod approval.
Validate file extensions e.g. make sure uploaded .jpg files are actually images and not in fact audio files.
The file size can also be quiet telling e.g. if it's an exact multiple of 1,000,000 these are usually split rar files.
Putting a limit to max file size may also be a good idea, I've seen files over 100 MB in size.
File size limits could also be different for each file extension e.g. .nfo/.sfv/.m3u should not be multiple MB in size.
Checking the actual file type and rejecting audio files may be another thing to do, I can't think of any release that should have audio in the stored files section.

Currently it looks like anything can be uploaded which is not a good idea IMHO.

Bigger list, some of these may already be fixed

These are most likely rar parts

Possible audio files
There are a lot of bad files on srrdb by MYName (guest), 09 Apr 2021 00:38

Which mt settings are you using?
Sometimes you need to force the correct settings, check the text that comes before what you posted it should tell you which mt settings are used. Most likely it's using mt1 somewhere, your best bet is using the biggest one it found e.g. mt32.

by whatever (guest), 03 Apr 2021 23:44

Yep this is a big problem with Scene games. I wasn't able to reconstruct many terabytes of older Scene games because ReScene doesn't know how to deal with compressed files properly.

by Michael (guest), 02 Apr 2021 22:06

… setup-1.cdx OK
Calculating the checksum
Still not fine :(.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "F:\pyReScene\rescene\", line 602, in main
File "F:\pyReScene\rescene\", line 316, in manage_srr
File "F:\pyReScene\rescene\", line 1323, in reconstruct
File "F:\pyReScene\rescene\", line 1712, in get_rar_data_object
File "F:\pyReScene\rescene\", line 2024, in compressed_rar_file_factory
File "F:\pyReScene\rescene\", line 2217, in init
ValueError: Still not fine :(.
Unexpected Error: Still not fine :(.

Awesome mate. Works very well, Thanks alot :)

by Brian Wong (guest), 19 Mar 2021 15:25

Hi all,
I am trying to rebuild the scene release Sports_Collection_PROPER_EUR_MULTi4_NDS-PUSSYCAT but pyRescene 0.7 can't find the correct rar version, my rar folder contains rar files up to 5.40, another 2019 release I tried builds fine with 5.40, the CRC for the rom & jpg match what is listed on srrDB.

Are there newer rar versions I should have in my pyRescene folder, if so where can I get them or could something else be wrong?

Thanks in advance for reading & helping if you can

Are there updated rar files for pyrescene by Subzy (guest), 19 Mar 2021 07:30
tokyojihentokyojihen 06 Mar 2021 23:24
in discussion General discussion / Other » Some errors on srrdb

This release is nuked: pred.incomplete
Rar files are missing so iso file does not show correct size.

by tokyojihentokyojihen, 06 Mar 2021 23:24
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