Release groups

This page tries to list specifics about release groups: how they package, whether the .nfo has a 00- prefix or not, … or any other stuff interesting enough to add here.

Morgoth MP3 releaser is used when the SFV contains upper case characters in just a few places: รถ in the original track name will show up as O in the SFV.

Most original NFO files actually use Windows\DOS line endings. This should be normal since "Code page 437 is the character set of the original IBM PC (personal computer), or MS-DOS." and then they can be viewed with notepad too. [Can anyone confirm or has statistics?]


When the proof image is in the RARs, there is no image in the "stored files"/root folder.


The proof image is in the RARs, but also in the "stored files"/root folder.


The RAR files of these groups were made the same way.

SPARKS has MAC line endings for NFO and SFV.


Older releases have JPG proof files added into the root of the release folder. No Proof/ directory is used.

Other possible groups with proof image in root folder:

Proof image in sample folder:

German groups

The proof files of the German groups are most of the time RAR+SFV with the JPG inside the RAR. The PROOF and SUBS folders are more often in capitals than what I observe in general for the whole scene. (specific groups?)


NFO files can be renamed to match the SFV file name. An example:
Removed file xf-wasseypur2.nfo from release Gangs.of.Wasseypur.Teil.2.German.2012.AC3.BDRiP.x264-XF
(which matches xf-wasseypur2.sfv)
Added file xf-gangs_of_wasseypur_2012.nfo to release Gangs.of.Wasseypur.Teil.2.German.2012.AC3.BDRiP.x264-XF
1 2 3 4 5


NFO files can be renamed to match the SFV file name.
Removed file ar-captainusa-sd-x264.nfo
Added file amb_presents_captainusa_sd_x264.nfo


Capitals in Sample name: only the S is capitalized. e.g. Sample/vhv-aliendw-xvid-Sample.srs


Capitals in Sample name: group name and the S of Sample. e.g. Sample/HaVeFuN-arachnid-xvid-Sample.avi

RARs, SFV and NFO can originally come with capitalization:


Uses ; Generated by DF CrcSfv
Capitals exist in the file names: fixtv-Akte.2014-03-25.nfo


Capitals used in all file names for the group name.


NFO not the same name as the SFV.



FLAC groups

The problem with FLAC releases is that there are multiple proof files around, with the only difference the file name of the proof jpg. Not 100% sure these are originally pred like this.


The name of the proof files should mostly be [basename of .nfo] + '-proof.jpg' or '-tracklist.jpg'.

00-88_fingers_louie-behind_bars-cd-flac-proof-1995.jpg -> 00-88_fingers_louie-behind_bars-cd-flac-1995-proof.jpg
00-98_mute-98_mute-cd-flac-proof-1996.jpg -> 00-98_mute-self_titled-cd-flac-1996-proof.jpg (not the base name here)
00-98_mute-class_of_98-cd-flac-proof-1998.jpg -> 00-98_mute-class_of_98-cd-flac-1998-proof.jpg


The original proof file name should match the nfo/sfv and no -proof string.

00-2bal-2bal-fr-cd-flac-2012-proof.jpg -> 00-2bal-2bal-fr-cd-flac-2012.jpg
00-45_niggaz-justice_sauvage-fr-cd-flac-2003-proof.jpg -> 00-45_niggaz-justice_sauvage-fr-cd-flac-2003.jpg

MP3 groups


The .jpg extension of the cover file is originally (often?) in capitals: .JPG.


The original .jpg file uses capitalization.


<XetroV> <—- fake .nfo (possibly other files fake too)
<XetroV> CHC_iNT always has ascii arts in their real .nfo
<XetroV> but some .nfo files were faked and they are text only
<XetroV> i have RERIP of this release which is VBR V1
<XetroV> VA-Bonkers_5_Anarchy_In_The_Universe-RERIP-3CD-1998-CHC_iNT

How did the .jpg files pre?
00-kutmaster_kurt_motion_man_and_retrogott-the_rhyme_imperial-vls-2013-proof-noir.jpg (like release name with -proof before the group tag)
00-kutmasta_kurt_motion_man_and_retrogott-the_rhyme_imperial-vls-2013-noir.jpg (same name as the nfo)
=> most likely the unique name
00-skinny_al_und_kontra_k-ein_herz_aus_chrom-ep-de-2010-proof-noir.JPG capitalization seems to confirm this + no other jpg available
00-va-spoken_view_rundschau_sampler-de-2010-proof-noir.jpg (matches nfo more closely)

The .jpg files also pred like the nfos without any 00 prepended: ostblokk_-_samba-cdm-de-2005-cover-hbz.jpg
=> different chars in use (_ and -) so these were added later since the short file name is also available.

Catalog number and certain tags can be capitalized in the nfo/m3u/sfv file names of the pre.
XTC seems to follow a similar pattern: (just the word SINGLE)


"the 00 files have somene's name in them"
"was rare but it happen back then"


Some EGO (and also RNS and other) releases are retagged and renamed but the SRR doesn't have the proper srs files. Unfortunately over the last 15 years or so those re-tagged releases are spread everywhere. Examples:

  • File name does not end in -ego
  • The - after the track number is replaced by an underscore

NFO does not start with 00-

These are just observations and aren't applicable on every release. My best guess is that the NFO exists with 2 possible names due to scripts that rename the NFO file to match the SFV name.

  • hbZ (for older MP3 releases and not for FLAC) also for the .jpg files
  • BLiZZARD (MP3)
  • CMG (MP3)
  • TLT (MP3)

Sample folder


Groups that used to have the sample folder name capitalized.


Groups that used to have the S not capitalized.

Naming of files



Some original SFVs are in reverse order.

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