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The.Batman.S03E13: missing audio detected after 5 years

2007-04-13 17:28:52 The.Batman.S03E13.DVDRip.XviD-WAT
2012-09-25 08:30:22 The.Batman.S03E13.PROPER.DVDRip.XviD-OSiTV


19:09 < Hydronic> hey Skalman
19:09 < Hydronic>
19:09 < Hydronic> do you think this was pre'd like that? (144 MBs, missing audio)
19:09 < Hydronic> ?
19:09 < Hydronic> because it's not nuked
19:11 <@Skalman> missing audio?
19:11 < Hydronic> yeah
19:11 < Hydronic> the avi doesn't have audio
19:11 < Hydronic> neither does the sample
19:31 < djgarf> lol ur right
19:31 < djgarf> thats funny hehe
19:44 < Hydronic> yeah it's weird
19:45 <@Skalman> but its seems thats the way it is


11:29 < djgarf> The.Batman.S03E13.PROPER.DVDRip.XviD-OSiTV
11:29 < djgarf> lol look wot just got released hehe


05:49 < Hydronic> also oh i'm famous!
05:51 < Hydronic> i actually sent an email to ositv about that
05:51 < Hydronic> i like to think i'm the reason the proper is out there
06:20 <@Gfy> Hydronic: I think you are!

Corrupt .jpg files explained

[20:24:45] <Hydronic> oops
[20:24:46] <Hydronic>
[20:24:55] <Hydronic> i uploaded those jpgs without checking them lol
[20:26:37] <@Skalman> Accepted
[20:26:42] <@Skalman> joke :p
[20:26:55] <@Skalman> Thanks for saying, I removed them
[20:27:10] <Hydronic> now it makes me want to find the originals..
[20:27:34] <@Skalman> Yeah I could just find broken ones too
[20:27:39] <@Skalman> Sometimes some JPG repair tool could fix it
[20:28:08] <@Skalman> But that we dont want of course

[20:40:30] <@Gfy> aren't the broken jpgs better than no files at all?
[20:40:51] <@Gfy> they will get readded eventually anyway
[20:41:02] <@Skalman> I tought so but I deleted them thinking I could find good ones

[21:09:07] <@Gfy> Hydronic: I did find 1 good one after all
[21:09:32] <@Gfy> I think it's actually smaller than the other one
[21:12:10] <@Gfy> no way, kdiff3 tells me they are binary equal!
[21:12:25] <@Gfy> and the good one has unix line endings…
[21:12:49] <@Gfy> I guess it got transferred as ascii instead of binary
[21:13:10] <@Gfy> remember this guys! we should be able to fix them

[21:33:39] <@Gfy> $ cat file.dos | python -c "import sys; sys.stdout.write('\r\n', '\n'))" > file.unix
[21:34:30] <rocket__> yeah, that's what i was gonna say eheh
[21:34:51] <@Gfy> and it's fixed :D
[21:35:22] <rocket__> nice1 Gfy :) will use that in other 'borken' jpgs, chances are they are just bad tranmsfers

Corrupt .m3u files explained


[17:52:15] <jack_> I noticed some playlists are corrupted like that above
[17:52:26] <jack_> I guess, like proofs, it's cause by a bad transfer?
[17:52:35] <jack_> caused*
[17:57:29] <nimble> I'm guessing: transferred by ftp ascii mode, which reduced the filesize
[17:57:56] <nimble> then someone else tried to transfer it using binary mode, the client detected the target file was smaller and resumed it
[18:00:47] <linear> good deduction
[18:00:54] <linear> stupid error though
[18:00:58] <linear> not smart to race with resume on in the client
[18:04:37] <jack_> anyway I've seen tons or playlists like that
[18:04:49] <jack_> maybe Gfy or Skalman could run a script to fix those
[18:05:07] <jack_> I notice the line that is added normally is not \n but \r\n
[18:05:24] <jack_> and its length is way shorter than the rest of the lines on the file
[18:05:40] <jack_> and of course contains some of the last characters of the last line

[20:56:28] <@Gfy> nimble: it's the other way around. transferring a file to a Windows PC in ASCII mode makes it larger if the original file had unix line endings
[21:33:18] <nimble> Gfy, an ascii transfer can either make the file larger or smaller. if the source file has windows line endings and is sent to a unix system it'll get smaller
[21:33:45] <nimble> but if it got bigger then we wouldn't see this issue as you wouldn't resume onto the end of it

EOS group (2015-06-09)

[18:59:43] <dm7> dont remember anymore, is EOS legit group?
[19:01:31] <anon1> yes
[19:02:02] <anon1> lots of theirs pred as EOSiNT though
[19:02:43] <dm7> i remember they fucked up the lame string and replaced it with ''lame eos'' or smth similar
[19:03:00] <dm7> tho some other groups did that too
[19:03:08] <anon1> lol
[19:08:56] <z0rg> there were other groups as well, that fucked up several other id3 fields, which I think is even worse

[20:33:18] <kniffy> <dm7> dont remember anymore, is EOS legit group? | i can clear up quite a bit on them
[20:33:44] <kniffy> the bottom line is, they were def not a scene group, and they did really use their own version of LAME
[20:33:58] <kniffy> but, they knew at least one dude who let them pre a ton of their stuff
[20:34:17] <dm7> i see
[20:34:32] <dm7> so i remembered correctly that there were something fishy going on with them
[20:35:11] <kniffy> eventually EOS was booted from whatever site it was
[20:35:27] <kniffy> so the pre's dried up, but they kept doing rips for a long time after
[20:36:06] <kniffy> the main sticking point on being on the site or not was the public channel they had
[20:36:16] <kniffy> still exists, actually
[20:36:25] <kniffy> but no more rips
[20:37:33] <dm7> (GROUP) EOS (12,348 releases, most in MP3) (10 nuked 0.08%) ยท
[20:37:36] <dm7> shitload of rips
[20:37:59] <kniffy> yeah, they spanned like 10 years
[20:38:14] <kniffy> '03 to '13
[20:38:39] <kniffy> sadly, i dont think anyone has the big db of every release anymore

[20:40:02] <kniffy> several of the old EOS dudes are still in #eos , they would be the ones to ask
[20:43:41] <kniffy> funny thing is, several times i saw scener types try to explain to the main EOS dude how to not get shit on, but he would never listen
[20:58:32] <@Gfy> EOS has 2426 releases, 12 nukes (0.49%)
[20:58:35] <@Gfy> a lot less in other dbs
[21:00:47] <kniffy> they had over 10k
[21:01:16] <kniffy> i'm almost certain they missed a lot when they had the big run of pres
[21:01:45] <@Gfy> yep ;) 12,348 releases
[21:02:08] <kniffy> i'm surprised so few were nuked
[21:02:34] <@Gfy> weren't most dupes?
[21:03:07] <@Gfy> I see more nukes on already
[21:03:21] <kniffy> many were, but thats not what i mean; some nukers couldnt handle the -EOSiNT tag over -EOS_iNT
[21:03:39] <kniffy> and i'm sure they would have nuked harder if they actually read the nfo and saw a custom LAME
[21:04:22] <quad> EOS and EOSiNT and EOS_iNT
[21:05:06] <kniffy> any ones with underscores are probably renames, the main dude was stingy and deliberately did the pres as EOSiNT
[21:05:09] <@Gfy> Releases : 13609 (Most in MP3 : 12186) / Nuked : 3113
[21:06:33] <kniffy> thats probably getting near all of the mp3 releases

[21:09:16] <t0ubab0k0> i saw releases on their ftp only as EOS
[21:09:46] <kniffy> yeah, when EOS distro'd themselves they never used iNT
[21:11:35] <@Gfy> what was different with their LAME version?
[21:12:59] <kniffy> he was too stingy to ever come out and really say, but he said something about speed patches being applied to it or something
[21:13:13] <kniffy> it would have been based on lame 3.97 or 3.98
[21:13:33] <kniffy> i can give you the rip pack that was used, i think
[21:13:49] <kniffy> the final one, anyway
[21:13:57] <@Gfy> sure, always interested in that kind of stuff!
[21:14:18] <kniffy> if i have it i'll upload it for you
[21:14:39] <kniffy> yep, i do
[21:14:54] <kniffy> EOS_rippers_pack_v11.rar, 2008 filedate
[21:16:28] <@Gfy> EOS_rippers_pack_v10
[21:17:12] <kniffy> oh wow, never knew it made it to being a notice
[21:18:15] <@Gfy> maybe just that site
[21:18:33] <kniffy> hm, the dates in that rar are newer than the v11 one
[21:18:51] <kniffy> almost certainly wasnt the eos dude himself
[21:19:04] <kniffy> but that looks like the real files

[23:44:59] <kniffy> :)
[MP3] Pink_Floyd-The_Man_And_The_Journey-2CD-Bootleg-1969-EOS
PRED: 12-10-2009 14:09:06
Ripped by : Kniffy
[00:18:41] <jarryd> kniffy:
[MP3] Nine_Inch_Nails-Year_Zero-2007-EOS
PRED: 04-02-2009 12:04:44
Ripped by : jarryd

Followup 2015-08-05

[19:13] <Hydronic> i was just reading the EOS story on the wiki
[19:13] <Hydronic> and i remembered something from back in the day
[19:14] <Hydronic> i once walked in the irc on the owner talking about how he tried moving everything from the ftp to an external hd
[19:15] <Hydronic> and he ended up losing the entire thing
[19:15] <Hydronic> and he was furious
[19:15] <Hydronic> it was funny
[19:28] <kniffy> EOS lost nearly all of its stuff more than once, i think
[19:30] <kniffy> one situation was like, at least 500g was lost because the ftp it went to ran out of space and because nobody was around to fix it right away, system shit got corrupted left n right

Self reflection 2016-03-13

[03/13 01:54:36] <tikd> eos was one of the first to vrb
[03/13 01:55:07] <tikd> or maybe it was abr
[03/13 01:55:23] <tikd> eos was a shithole grp
[03/13 01:58:59] <@kniffy> yeah they were doing -v2 when the scene stuff was —quality standard or whatever, if i remember right
[03/13 01:59:25] <@kniffy> the preds wouldnt have gotten shat on so much if they didnt use a custom lame
[03/13 02:24:28] <tikd> it was just a grp of p2p fags
[03/13 02:26:27] <AfroNinja> and we are? :D
[03/13 02:27:37] <tikd> lol
[03/13 02:27:47] <tikd> p2server
[03/13 02:29:07] <tikd> plus we're not fags afro :/
[03/13 03:06:44] <@Skalman> what?
[03/13 03:06:53] <@Skalman> whats going on guys
[03/13 03:07:46] <@explicit> we are all fags :(
[03/13 03:09:07] <@Skalman> NO
[03/13 03:14:45] <@kniffy> haha
[03/13 03:40:09] <qbop> >.<
[03/13 06:17:52] <tikd> lol
[03/13 11:25:00] <@Gfy> lol, that piece of self reflection is going up on too

Private chat

  • 2014: There are only 4 groups that do vobsubs for English subs, even if there are already English subs muxed in: AMIABLE, HD4U, NODLABS and SPARKS. I only checked 1080p.
  • About old sour releases: all the m3u had ./filename.mp3. They did not work in Windows/Winamp, so they got replaced or edited. A lot of SFVs had \r line endings. No one knew this and all scripts went havoc. Now we have \r\r\n files everywhere. The zipscripts massacred those.
  • #srrdb 2017: some mp3 groups like kW would pack with the entire dirname in lowercase, but some sites would auto-capitalize the first letter on mkdir. I guess the glftpd defaults are to auto-capitalize first letter of dirnames and auto-lowercase all filenames. kW releases had caps in the W in kW and the source

kW not necessarily pred like that, uppercase conversion might have happened in pre dir
I remember noticing it back in the day
and creating a dir with first letter lowercase and having the site actually create it with uppercase
and occasionally issues on some sites which didn't do the conversion where one trader would create the dir with lowercase first letter and another with uppercase
then you'd have dupe filenames and one dir with half the files and the other had the rest

  • It was very uncommon back in 1998 for PC ISO groups to use their group tag in filenames. It's like that with most of the '98 games I got that are confirmed to be original. Back in the BBS days a folder wasn't used.
  • Estonians had their own dupecheck and little nukenet back in early 00's, but it went down around 2007 and some pre data with it. It seems some stuff never got echoed from there.
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