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In article <sk4B6.78441$Xt.576015@e420r-chi2>, sw.kcehcepud|nimda#sw.kcehcepud|nimda says…
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www.DUPECHECK.x has an extensive online database, with info about all
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Well, for those who do not like to read a lot, mvdupe is down forever.

It has been a long time coming and many things have led to the decision by myself and the rest of the mvdupe staff to shut the site down. I will not go into detail about any of the reasons, but it has nothing to do with the service that has been provided to mvdupe on this fine host. We have shut this site down for good and unfortunately, mvdupe will never see the public eye again.

Thank you for all of the great years and enjoyable comments! I hope to see you all again sometime in the future (just without mvdupe).

"For all that is free in life, something as little as this should not be missed." - T & S

- ToXiC and the mvdupe Staff


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