MorGoTH's MP3Releaser

MorGoTH's MP3Releaser v3.5.2, dated: Tue, 23.12.2014, get it as exe bundle (829 kB). originally created by MorGoTH in 1998 when only a few knew what this tool has a use for, he has given the sources to us awhile ago and we did some fixes and added some features in the meantime (since 2004, but distributed it in a very, very private way :)
so this tool has been developed to be actually a MP3/MPC/OGG/FLAC-Releaser. if you find bugs or need new features don't hesitate to contact us!




CMG was one of the few groups known less for their output and more for their contribution to the scene in other ways. Perhaps due to strong ties to traditional warez, many members were talented programmers who would share their self-created tools with the rest of the scene. Most famously, Morgoth - a CMG member from its inception - created his own scene-oriented mp3 tagging tool (Morgoth's MP3 Releaser) which became the most popular tagger within the mp3 scene. CMG/Council member Werner & Tardy (also the former leader of TDU-Jam, Pentagram & Genesis) famously created Dupecheck/Checkpoint in 1997 which quickly became an important resource for the scene.



MP3/MPC/OGG/FLAC-Releaser's changelog.nfo ...

v3.5.2.0:  [ 23.12.2014 ]
           # comment will be saved, not only when generating a release.
           # special can be set to be in front of additions (not conform to the
             current releaserules, to take care!).
             - requested by Bob.
           * id3v2 was not reseted correctly.
             - reported by Bob.
           * capitalization.
             - reported by anunknowndj.
           # no sfv comments at all on release as an option.
             - requested by Daniel.
           # option "insert an add. space in front of kbps (#Br tag)".
           # new tag #10Hz for pure Hz values instead of kHz.
             - requested by anunknowndj.
           + new option to insert labeltag to files/folders/tags.
           * fixed a major problem when writing tags to flacfiles,
             - reported by jimi.
           # possibility to add catno to album tag (default off).
             - requested by syotos.
           * getting  artist/title info  from  tags  got  charcase from general
             releasenaming option.
             - reported by liquid.

v3.5.1.0:  [ 23.03.2013 ]
           + cue listing inside .nfo now contains tracktimes in #Ptit tag, too.
           * cover naming, now including groups extension like nfo/sfv/m3u.
           * selecting OST will you now still enable to insert an artist, so it
             should be easier  to make OST-FLICK-2012-OB84 as  well as  with an
             artist  like   OST-Alan_Silvester--FLICK-2012-OB84,   to  separate
             artist from title correctly.
           * _INT was set twice (at releasename as well as behind group).
             - all reported by TaZ.
           # added "snippet" to special combo.
           # individual splashscreen images are back again.
           # you can enter years like 199x again.
           # added 'deluxe edition' as special string.
           # added "set this as new main dir" and "set e.g. a share as new main
             directory ..." on shelltreeview's popupmenu.
           # format added for nfo output.
           # support for additional files to be included in release: added pdf.
             - all requested by TaZ.
           * ascii conversion problem under some systems.
             - reported by fucked.
           * "naming, tagging/url" content was not copied to "fillout/url" when
             using the button.
           * an active and enlarged grid for title, genre, year etc. and trying
             to maximize the form did result in misbehaviour.
           * id3v2 tags were cut off in case lyrics for id3v1 was ON.
             - both reported by anunknowndj.
           # "tag's charcase doesn't afflict #url" checkbox.
             - requested by anunknowndj.
           # new tags for time  format hh:nn:ss instead of nnn:ss (01:04:07 vs.
             64:07): #hhhPtit,  #hhhTpti and  #hhhCpti.  #hhLCpti and  #hhLTpti
             will be left aligned (total) time tags.
           # a leading zero within nnn:ss is now optional.
           # added #Format (MP3/FLAC etc.),  #Country, #2ndUrl and #Subgenre as
             new tags for .skl files (see  generic.skl). the subgenres  content
             has been taken from:
           # style combobox for filling nfo can be edited now (subgenres can be
             added manually).
           # removed some - in mp3 info (dual channel, joint stereo) and single
             channel has become mono, as well as many other cosmetics.
           # added tag #TptCTT# for displaying total cdtime, after tracklisting
             of single cd (see generic.skl as example).
           # multicd with totaltime in .nfo, as  well as releaseyear in case we
             have a multicd combo (boxset).
           # added CUEFIX, DIRFIX, PROOFFIX etc. as additional checkboxes.
           # 48kHz allowed too, due to new (web)rules.
           # releases bigger than 1gb of size will report GB for #Size tag.
           # countrylist sorted, no duplicates anymore.
           # new tag #RelWith for releaser version info.
           # not adding default url N/A to id3v2 link tag anymore.
             - all requested by Trance Force.
           * id3v2 tags like album  artist, original artist, composer, encoded,
             copyright, bpm are  not deleted  when  (re)tagging a  release with
             this kind of information already inside the file.
           * long month  names were still  localized, not english.  this means,
             that all regional  settings are  taken  from english  layout (e.g.
             decimalseparator. in case you want , instead of . you have to edit
             ini manually (section [Data], Decimalseparator=,).
             - reported by Trance Force.
           + "replace chars in  filenames" is now optional, too. comboboxes for
             all 3 tables available now, same style.
           # added #Ldate for  having the livedate  automatically inserted into
             nfo. if no livesetdate given the line with this tag will be
           # when choosing livedate then yearcombo is filled automatically, and
             releasename will be without additional yeartext then.
             - both requested by Howard.
           # "Change Umlauts" from popupmenu. you can use "replace special 
             characters" instead, since that function is now using the "ascii
             conversion for .nfo file"-table. so umlauts are already here, if
             you need other chars converted simply add them here.
             - requested by jozef.
           # additional vorbistags for FLAC, due to releaserules 2.0.
           # optional removement of FLAC pictures, due to releaserules 2.0.
           # no release of flacs possible if genre is empty.
           # extra flac vorbis tags are removed.
             - all requested by soehest, last two request optional ofcourse.

v3.4.9.0:  [ 23.05.2012 ]
           * manually edited releasename did not apply to *.nfo/*.sfv naming.
             - reported by fucked.
           * german umlauts were not converted in .nfo file for #Rnotes/#Gnews.
           * german umlauts for artist/album are always converted.
             - both reported by Stefan.
           # additional umlaut-changetable  (like for filename  conversion), to
             avoid irritations for other languages than german.
             - requested by Stefan.
          * due to the min. size of releaser's main window win7's right docking
            feature positioned the form at the middle of the screen leaving the
            min/close buttons in the invisible area. not our fault we're fixing
            the desired position in this case, though.
          + added all region code  language tags (instead  of 16 unsorted), .gb
            and .us  are "missing"  but  english  is on  top  of  the list  and
            default as before.
          * no warning anymore when an already tagged release is retagged again
            and there were no changes to the tags.
          * year's combobox is not allowing alpha chars anymore.
          ! possible additions checkboxes have been moved to a separate TPanel.
          * releasecounter didn't work anymore since switching to TTntEdit.
            - reported by diego.
          * flac ERROR_LOST_SYNC when tags are not already inside the file, and
            tagging them did result in a doubled MetadataBlock (FLACfile.pas by
            Silhwan Hyun needed to be edited).
            - reported by Anton.
          * problem with files  having APIC tags and covers included, resulting
            in a bad bitrate/freq. report.
            - reported by various people.
          * spaces in cover filenames were not converted.
            - reported by Jimmy.

v3.4.8.0:  [ 23.02.2012 ]
           # OST/MAG as special field content.
             - requested by juri.
           * multicues contained wrong filename inside.
             - detected by juri (these days. and by angelD already years ago :)
           * some unicode issues with multi-cds.
           * initialization from directoryname when having untagged files.
           * problem with  detecting multi-cds  when  not having  subdirs (e.g.
             when retagging a release).
           * shelltreeview updateproblem,  replaced  the control  with  the 3rd
             party one again.
             - last 3 issues reported by eskolaah, introduced in one of the two
               previous versions *sigh*.
           + tracknumbers of mp3's id3tag can start with 1 again in multicd re-
             leases now, optional setting (default: off, as working in previous
           + tracknumberstring of mp3's  id3v2 tag can be  track or track/total
           + searching for files can be cancelled by pressing ESC now.

v3.4.7.0:  [ 23.01.2012 ]
           ! unicode filenames can be read/written now,  but the main file- and
             foldername will be still ansi due to the rules.
           ! finished converting  all components  to  their corresponding  tnt-
             control, using mostly default components now.
           * fixed a problem with flacs w/o tracknumbers.
           * fixed a problem with centered releasename.
             - reported by zoran.
           * removing exif/iptc data even from hidden files now.
           * problem with short tags (eg #Hz),  sometimes shortened (due to the
             wrapline function feature).
             - wrapping is now optional, set or reset this flag.
           + supporting drag'drop  of folders,  so in case  you need  a unicode
             folder being processed simply  drop it, since  the standard delphi
             tshelltree doesn't support unicode.
           * cover naming didn't follow settting since ages (jpg's charcase was
             ignored when changing artist etc.)
             - reported by fucked.
           # additional 2nd artist (use checkbox in  lower part), and edit both
             separationstring and "feat."-string in your groupsettings.
             - requested by zoran.
           * *.jpg always additionally got the group's extension even if not
             wanted for *.sfv/*.nfo etc.
           # changing from  "title" vs. artist  - title" and  backwards doesn't
             focus the memo anymore, so you can  switch back, this was annoying
             and not really necessary.
           # (re)added MCD to the sources again.
             - requested by fucked.
           * some scheme  related  gui problems  with  clInactiveCaption, using
             clSkyBlue instead.  needed  fields  are colored,  white  ones  are
           * position of language string in flac releasenames according to flac
           * you can choose a new skl even if generic.skl doesn't exit, removed
             the focus on TEdit.
           + set paramstr(1) to a skl of your  choise to be able to switch bet-
             ween several *.skl files within the same application.
           + autodetecting covers can  now always ask/add/skip  instead of only
           + allowing both extensions *.jpg/.jpeg instead of only *.jpg.

v3.4.6.0:  [ 23.12.2011 ]
           * you could  still try  to choose a  splash image,  even if  it this
             feature was already removed. bringing back  the feature of you own
             splash image was  already requested again,  but imho it's  quite a
             nonsense one. so don't ask again ;)
           * some minor changes for selecting artist/title from untagged files.
           + replaced components to their corresponding tntcontrols, to be able
             to use unicode in later versions. mpgtools.pas converted from file
             to filestream for the  same purpose: being able  to handle unicode
             filenames in one of the future  releases. so unicode filenames are
             not working yet, bet we're preparing this.
           + even multicds are sortable by trackno now, and you can move tracks
             up/down in the list.
           + after editing the tracklist you can use "undo" now.
           * changed some bytes declarations  to integer for  being able to tag
             multi-cds with more than 255 tracks now.
           * no tracknumbers were  written on flacs.
           * wrong genrestring on flacs when doing "tagging all".
             - both reported by xxx.
           * wrong removing of id3v2 of flacs.
             - reported by eskolaah.
           + more detailed progress when reading the selected directory.
           * some of morgoth's typos (but might have added own ones).
           * morgoth's #size calculation was  a bit odd,  fixed. using a global
             variable instead of calculate while filling .nfo file, too.
           + updatecheck.
           + a lot of reorganization  of gui/code for a  better usage and read-
             ability of code.

v3.4.5.0:  [ 23.10.2011 ]
           * application might hang when starting ("naming engine startup ...")
             since there is a font registering routine - switched from Send- to
             PostMessage(HWND_BROADCAST, WM_FONTCHANGE here.
           - removed the ugly "ballon hints" style.
           * albumtype combo was not  reseted correctly when changing from type
             to nothing.
           # jpg's can be cleaned from exif/iptc data now.
             - requested by tc-.
           + basically ready for FLAC, so it's now a MP3/MPC/OGG/FLAC-Releaser.
             id3 of flacs will be ignored when reading the files, and be erased
             when writing the file(s) while generating a release.
           ! optional feature: the ShellTreeView  will not be automatically up-
             dated (use F5  to refresh manually  if needed)  - you can  use the
             contextmenu for this settings.
           * setting genre did reset type combo of the "fillout" tabsheet since
             ages, fixed now.
           + more detailed progress logging.
           ! some  kind of  refactoring,  little better  layout  for an  easier
           + automatically switching back to first tab after generating the re-

v3.4.4.0:  [ 23.09.2011 ]
           + option for sorting mp3s by tracknumber instead of filename.
           + more detailed progress logging.

v3.4.3.0:  [ 30.10.2010 ]
           * catnr in title should be infront of multicd (-2CD-) etc.

v3.4.2.0:  [ 10.01.2010 ]
           ! usage of ID3V2 default ON now.
           * some source and types autoset changes.
           ! allow VBR default ON now.
           ! default filename length limit default "if longer than 128 chars"
           + shortcuts ctrl+1..5 to access all the tabsheets.
           + file's id3v2 trackstring now contains currno/totalno.

v3.4.1.0:  [ 05.01.2010 ]
           + the special strings now can be toggled in caps/capitalized.
           ! ctrl+a now does a "select all" in all memo/edit fields.
           * liveset date will be inserted before proper/trackfix stuff.
           * several minor fixes.

v3.4.0.0:  [ 02.01.2010 ]
           * sources/types reorganized, suggestions implemented.
           + you can choose a date to be inserted into the releasename.
             configure the format via "Settings > Release Naming Options". use
             the checkbox in the bottom to set it ON or OFF.
           + new checkbox to mark a release as PROPER, TRACKFIX, READNFO or

v3.3.9.0:  [ 20.12.2009 ]
           + dircase now has "like u typed" setting as well.
           + new general source "Flash".
           * some source code "optimizations", i guess we introduced some new
             bugs here :)
           * single .cue file didn't contain correct filename when being

v3.3.8.0:  [ 03.08.2009 ]
           * changing label/catno on nfo tabsheet did change releasename
             in case the name was edited manually afterwards again.

v3.3.7.0:  [ 21.06.2009 ]
           * avg. bitrate string setting not stored correctly.
           + additional cat-no. string on first tab.
           + catno and label can be included into the releasename w/o
           ! refactorized parts of the spaghetti-code.

v3.3.6.0:  [ 15.10.2008 ]
           * group setting: language/abbreviation. setting was not stored,
             changes were not applied, seem to have never worked at all. the
             default for norwegian/dutch was switched, spanish was simply
             wrong - it's correct now. the spellfix is for free this time :P

v3.3.5.0:  [ 03.10.2008 ]
           ! enlarged "Brkps" message, so you can react now.
           # "convert all ASCII > 126 for .nfo files" option. if unchecked
             (which i dont suggest, and should not be used at all since only
             ascii chars 33..126 should be used) there won't be any change
             of chars in title/label etc. in the .nfo file. use at own risk!
           * no loss of company/label and url when going back on tabs.

v3.3.4.4:  [ 24.02.2007 ]
           # if no year in id3tag, then current year is selected as default.
           # removed entries with dots in "Special" and "VA/OST" comboboxes.
           * correct naming of the .cue file in single-cue mode.

v3.3.4.3:  [ 01.02.2007 ]
           + support of #RName tags in skl, will add releasename to your .nfo
           * 2 or more .cue files with same count of mp3 files. new bugs might
             appear here (the code is WEIRD: don't wonder).
           + add your own "Additions", e.g. WEB (uh? ;), and next time you
             start those additions are available again.

v3.3.4.2:  [ 28.01.2007 ]
           * vbr bitrate was not calculated exactly, fixed.
           * nfo/sfv/m3u charcase wasn't set at all correctly (since ages).

v3.3.4.1:  [ 20.01.2007 ]
           # vbr avg. bitrate instead of only "VBR".
           # new sources, you may add your own now, new items will be saved.
           # id3v1.1 ON as default (new releasing rules), you will be warned
             when disabling this.
           # "avg." string for vbr bitrate can be changed now, see group
             settings tab. and save the changes before you continue ;)

v3.3.3.0:  [ 17.03.2006 ]
           # "Release Naming Options > Misc > add Labeltag to files only,
             NOT to directory", this will skip labeltag from directories,
             but not from files.
           * label tag bug.
           # comment tag does not need to be filled.

v3.3.2.0:  [ 25.02.2006 ]
           + if there's no grouptag for files then covers, .sfv, .m3u and
             .nfo are not group-tagged anymore.
           + checkbox "insert label information into the comment field."
             in "settings > tag options".
           + date time separator editable now. use one the following:
                Specifier    Displays
                d    Displays the day as a number without a leading
                        zero (1-31).
                dd      Displays the day as a number with a leading zero
                ddd     Displays the day as an abbreviation (Sun-Sat)
                        using the strings given by the ShortDayNames
                        global variable.
                dddd    Displays the day as a full name (Sunday-Saturday)
                        using the strings given by the LongDayNames
                        global variable.
                ddddd   Displays the date using the format given by the
                        ShortDateFormat global variable.
                dddddd  Displays the date using the format given by the
                        LongDateFormat global variable.
                m       Displays the month as a number without a
                        leading zero (1-12). If the m specifier
                        immediately follows an h or hh specifier, the
                        minute rather than the month is displayed.
                mm      Displays the month as a number with a leading
                        zero (01-12). If the mm specifier immediately
                        follows an h or hh specifier, the minute rather
                        than the month is displayed.
                mmm     Displays the month as an abbreviation (Jan-Dec)
                        using the strings given by the ShortMonthNames
                        global variable.
                mmmm    Displays the month as a full name (January-December)
                        using the strings given by the LongMonthNames global
                yy      Displays the year as a two-digit number (00-99).
                yyyy    Displays the year as a four-digit number (0000-9999).
                h       Displays the hour without a leading zero (0-23).
                hh      Displays the hour with a leading zero (00-23).
                n       Displays the minute without a leading zero (0-59).
                nn      Displays the minute with a leading zero (00-59).
                t       Displays the time using the format given by the
                        ShortTimeFormat global variable.
                tt      Displays the time using the format given by the
                        LongTimeFormat global variable.
                /    Displays the date separator character given by the
                        DateSeparator global variable.
                :    Displays the time separator character given by the
                        TimeSeparator global variable.
           * fixed copy/cut/paste/undo.

v3.3.1.0:  [ 10.09.2005 ]
           ! rebuild, major problems with multi-cd releases occurred.
             started with v3.2.0.2 again, attached stuff already added
             in previous versions, but not everything, trying to avoid
             conflicts of previous releases with cue/normal cds.
           # additions field enlarged: CDEP, MCD, DVD, DVDA, CDR.

v3.3.0.10: [ 08.05.05 ]
           # added "Replace Special Characters". foreign chars, similar
             the german umlauts will be replaced. use the "Edit" menu or
             the context menu for TEdit and TMemo's.

v3.3.0.9:  [ 05.05.05 ]
           ! "arrange text as a block" added as menuentry for #Gnews and
             #Rnotes (instead as an option like in v3.3.0.8)
           + some other edit functions for your pleasure, removed
             corresponding buttons near the #Gnews and #Rnotes memo's.

v3.3.0.8:  [ 01.05.05 ]
           + it's possible now to change german umlauts in filenames
             in .nfo file automatically, default is: ON.
           * fixed a strange bug with multiple cds, byte vs. word :)
           # adds .Label. to releasename if needed.
           + possible to arrange Rnotes and Gnews as a textblock.

v3.3.0.7:  [ 19.02.05 ]
           * .cue problem again (hopefully).
           # change german umlauts in MemoNotes and MemoNews.

v3.3.0.6:  [ 11.02.05 ]
           * index problem.

v3.3.0.5:  [ 05.02.05 ]
           + cue mode with subdirs was not working, routine rewritten, this
             might have new bugs introduced, so report them please.

v3.3.0.4:  [ 05.01.05 ]
           + #Rnotes and #Gnews memos with vertical scrollbars now.

v3.3.0.3:  [ 31.12.04 ]
           * some issues with error handling.
           * a font issue.
           * invalid type cast when entering release/street date.

v3.3.0.2:  [ 19.12.04 ]
           * .cue mode with more than a single .cue file.
           * removed some 3rd party components, using standard components

v3.3.0.1:  [ 18.12.04 ]
           ! tabsheets for settings/log visible all the time, removed menu
           * some small naming example strings issues.
           ! some default .ini settings.

v3.3.0.0:  [ 17.12.04 ]
           + extra page for the logging.
           ! fields that don't need input are displayed darker, not a panel
             below the fields who need input like before.
           + size of the gridcolumns containing tags of a file can be configured
           # new tag #CntUrl for using centered urls in skl.
             - requested by TC.
           - stuff like a greeting wanted in .nfo file etc.
           - no photoware anymore.
           ! several cosmetics, changes both on layout and code.

v3.2.0.2:  [ 24.02.2004 ]
           ! last changes made by morgoth, he quitted development. for his
             changes see history.nfo.


version 3.2.0 (build 3) (Sep-06-2003)
* several bug fixes
* more customizeable, more idiotproof ;)

version 3.2.0 (build 1) (Aug-24-2003)
* alot of bug fixes, thx to dre
* new #Albwthadd - Tag  (Album with Addition)
* ape v2 tagging support
* MP3 Releaser is now PhotoWare! == Send me a photo from your location, you or your gf. ;)
* due alot of problems i removed the CAPS LOCK charcase detection function 

version 3.1.0 (build 403) (Aug-03-2003)
* Big fonts problems more or less reduced and partly solved
* support for cue file releases with more than one cue file inside the cue
* some bug fixes

version 3.1.0 (build 401) (Jul-07-2003)
* multi disk "super" m3u support (per default turned on)
* comment tag change charcase option (default on)
* fixed another inconsistency in the CAPS LOCK charcase detection function 
  (if there will be another bug in this routine . i'll remove it)

version 3.1.0 (build 400) (Jun-25-2003)
* removed some inconsistencies in the CAPS LOCK charcase detection function 


version 3.1.0 (build 397) (Jun-19-2003)
* fixed multicd naming bug

version 3.1.0 (build 396) (Jun-15-2003)
* alot of bugfixes
* id3v2/id3v1.1 support
* up to 99 multicds
* ogg support
* ...

+++++++++++ Mind the Time Gap ++++++++++++++

version 3.1.0 (build 376) (Nov-17-2001)
* alot of internal changes
* finished new config/settings screen (looks much much smoother now and more settings are available)
* cover title detection routine enhanced
* it's now much more customizeable
* ...

version 3.0.0 (build 373) (Nov-02-2001)
* some title-detection enhancements

version 3.0.0 SR1 (build 372) (Oct-31-2001)
* new #Language - Tag
* some internal changes
-!WARNING! is fake
- cdtag is a cheap and loosy clone

version 3.0.0 final (build 370) (Oct-08-2001)
coz of no more bugreports reached that is the final of version 3
* #Gnews readded
* Button for adding a entry in the Explorer folder-context menu readded
  (but now it'll open the clicked folder as temp rootdir in filebrowser)
* option for disabling the mp3-crc added (read faq)
* fixed one multi-cd naming bug (thx azmd)
* .. other things that i forgot ;)

version 3.0.0 RC2 build 369 (Oct-05-2001)
* cue-mode now fully implemented

version 3.0.0 RC1 build 367 (Sep-28-2001)
* some gui changes
* fixed other little bugs
* removed hints
* ..

version 3.0.0 preview 4 (Sep-21-2001)
* cue-saving lightly changed (cue filename points now to the mp3)
  (dunno if there will be support for more than 1 cue per dir,
  coz it could cause some problems,  i have to think about that)
* filebrowser bug fixed 

version 3.0.0 preview 3 (Sep-20-2001)
* cue-saving works (using always MP3 as FILE type in cue)
  (!the old cue get deleted!, if u found some cue files which
   are corrupted after mp3releaser processed it, pls send them
   to me)

version 3.0.0 preview 2 (Sep-19-2001)
another preview
* filebrowser at old place
* cue-reading support
* other little bugs

version 3.0.0 preview (Sep-10-2001)
we got a little version jump ;) hehe
new features:
 * can read id3v2 converts it to lyricsv2 if user wishes
 * changed the gui .. i think it doesnt look disturb'in anymore
   (removed some options/buttons and created some popupmenus)
   (added more tabs to hide some few used options)
   (new colors .. etc i hope u likes it .. pls write me your comments)
 * new table tracknames window .. here u dont have to enter the separation string
   (and this will be used for the upcoming cue file support)
 * some bugfixes , alot of small things but there are alot more i think so
   write them to me ..     
 * much other ..

version 2.2.6 (Jun-05-2001)
mp3-crc support (check for more info)
added some more words for the intelligent capitilization
changed sfv format a little (size,date,mp3crc are written into it)
it is now resizeable
more little changes
some bugs fixed which sometimes crashed the tool
.... and other new crap

version 2.2.5 (Apr-05-2001)
improved alot of internal functions .. 
intelligent capitilization works better
optimize function works now smoother
some other internal changes
new #Bm tag (Beats per Minute)
better log messages
detects wrong #Tag's in skl

version 2.2.4 (Mar-17-2001)
sorry but got a little(big) BUG
if there was no need for lyrics tag (fields smaller then 30 chars)
the id3v1 was wrong written 
dont use ver 2.2.3!


version 2.2.3 (Mar-17-2001)
Lyrics3 v2.00 tag SUPPORT!
*extended artist,album,title fields (250 chars)
*winamp can read it (pls write alot e-mails to winamp and please them for write support)

- VBR files will get now as Bitrate "VBR" not more "-1"
- new version checking improved (got a little bug)
- faq updated
- new options on the settings screen
- ..

version 2.2.2 (Mar-06-2001)
sorry but it seems that the sfv-routine had an error .. it created few corrupt checksums in some few cases
that is fixed and work propertly now .. a bit slower but i hope it will generate always the right checksum now
- updated the copyright string .. to 98-2001 ;) well HAPPY BIRTHDAY MP3 Releaser .. you are now 3 years old ..hehe
  u can send your greetings via the Feedback form
- added a button for new version checking .. and also an option that will check every month for a new version
- added a new #Tag -> #Y (do the same as #Year but now u can make nfo's with [#Y  ] or equal)
- added a nfo which describes how to use the renamer mode 


version 2.2.1 (Dez-06-2000)
some small bugfixes,improvements
- check nfo,m3u,sfv for 64chars rule
- added danish char o -> oe into replace rules 
- fixed Year field .. now with 2001 item
- detect 1-01 .. 2-01 ... as multicd too 
- detecting stuff in front of the mp3 (WAV envelope, ID3v2 TAG or
  something like that) and ask for removing it (optionally)
- btw: there is a undocumented option for the grpdata/own.ini files
  with that option it wont check for VBR,..
- ..

PS: Maybe this is the last version .. coz i haven't much time anymore 
    and other things r more important for me .. and i thing the tool
    is mainly complete so dont expect any new versions

    but of course if it has some worse bugs i'll fix it or
    a new AAC format or other crap there is a chance for a newer version

    some ppl was asking me about ID3V2 support .. well, personally i
    dont like ID3V2, but if some1 will write it so that it will be easy
    to build it into the releaser 


version 2.2.0 (Oct-20-2000)
New Design, Better Handling, New Features, Better Errormsg's
All Screens r redesigned (thx to shamen for the idea with white letters on gray background)
New Explorer-Window
New File-Separator/Nfo-Separator
Automatic CoverDetection
New ID3Tag Section (which allows better tagging and more)
New #Tag for AMOK - #Fullrelease
Automatic Type Detection
Setting for add Addition into Album Tag
Improved Optimize Function
Renamer-Mode (easy renaming of everything into your format ..) (u can turnoff nfo,sfv creation)
other small bugfixes/improvements
and alot more

version 2.1.9 (Sep-19-2000)
2 bugfixes
  1. (thx to sincus)
    non-subdir-multiple cd's got wrong trk numbers in the info
    instead of CD1: 1..10 CD2: 1..11 it filled the info with CD1: 1..10 CD2: 11..22 .. sorry 
    ( i screwed the new faster nfo filling algo up :(
  2. little fix in the cover naming algo (thx to enigma)

version 2.1.8 (Sep-14-2000)
ID3 Tag case setting .. for the grpdata
2 new right aligned tags  Size# and Tpti# (see skl_making_guide or generic.skl for more information
#Rc = PersonalReleasecounter .. get incremented when u created a new release .. 
turn autonumber on and off feature (for a1,a2,b1 vinyl naming support , or maybe for single tracks)
i changed a bit the sfv header
new faq.nfo
the fileattributes flags of all mp3's will now set to archive
oh damn .. the tag #Type doesnt exists .. the right 1 is #Typ (sorry wrote it wrong into the docu)
STAR ban is gone ..

version 2.1.7 (Sep-XX-2000)
internal version

version 2.1.6 (Aug-29-2000)
contains the "MP3 Council (un)Official Scene Releasing Standards 2000"
some smallbugfixes .. dateformat doesnt work right for the streetdate
new expert modes .. automaticly rename and/or tag files after the blue fields were changed
new tag #Genre (same like #Style)
star is not more allowed to use my tool ... coz they dont insert a greet or a hint into the nfo and
remove the sfv header ... u guys r pretty lame ..
coz of that i decided that if there is no such greet/hint (maybe a line in the nfo "NFO Generated With Morgoth's MP3Releaser")
it'll show a nag-dialog when saving nfo

version 2.1.5 (Jul-14-2000)
nasty bug ... damn .. forgot to reinit a variable
so in some case the playtime in nfo is double so long as it should be (thx mcgrab)
#Catnr wasnt enabled ..

version 2.1.4 (Jul-08-2000)
newest and last version before summervacations
some small fixes .. 
some #Tag changes
2 new tags #Tn was #Sn before
and #Cpti (CD Playtime ..) see skl_making_guide.nfo for more info's
!!! Tracklist wrap function .. see also skl_making_guide.nfo 

version 2.1.3 (Jun-29-2000)
yeah every day a new version .. this roxx heh
thx to jrom for telling me and old nasty bug which i forgot to fix
the releaser saved the prevyear char wrong ... should be fixed now
if the lettercase was set to lowercase and the dir to capitilization 
-grouptags in the nfo,sfv,m3u wasnt in lowercase ... fixed now to
to many settings to test every the time ;)
ok but i think that is now a bug free version ... if not ...tell me
..and i improved a bit the naming algorithm ('intelligent capitilization')

version 2.1.2 (Jun-28-2000)
damn..3 new versions in 24h
1 unnice bug was fixed ..
nfo,sfv,m3u dont got the -grouptag
thats now fixed

version 2.1.1 (Jun-27-2000)
some new features which sincus requested
new nfo case setting,date format
new tag #Catnr

version 2.1.0 (Jun-27-2000)
some bugfixes ;)
new naming routine .. should now work more correctly (hi sincus ;)
the capitilization routine now dont capitilize words which r written
complete in uppercase .. like TLC or III ... (pretty nice new feature i think)
some gui-changes
some enhancements ..
more foolproof

version 2.0.9 (Mar-09-2000)
some bugfixes

version 2.0.8 (Feb-16-2000)
some changes for amrc ...
some changes in the grpdata.ini..the old ones maybe dont work
some bugfixes


version 2.0.4 (Feb-13-2000)
some internal changes ...
some bugfixes
some new tags


version 2.0.1 (Feb-04-2000)
tracklength fix

version 2.0  (Feb-03-2000)
many bugfixes..some changes..
removed that single file bug
merged multicd support .. (i think it's the best for the site scripts and for curry'in your stuff)
thx to glogg,enigma and all the others who send me good ideas
new tag #Sdate (Store Date)
and much more ..
check it out ..
last public version

version 1.2  (Nov-28-1999)
new tag: #Releasenc : Release-non-centered..thx to faz-
new howto...thx to faz
some gui improvements
some internal changes
more idiot safe :) (i hope so)

version 1.1  (Nov-18-1999)
fixed bugs:
   some little in the settings screen 
   violation on pressing Tag selected file if none was selected
   nfo now also with "00" in front
   internal bugs in the filename detection funtions
   some improvements for nfo filling, new #-tags -> skl-notes.nfo

1.public version (Nov-14-1999)
  features: all
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