Posted by: morgoth on Wednesday, December 11, 2002 - 10:28 PM

MP3-Vaccinator With the mp3 vaccinator you can inject a crc into mp3's which is insensitive against retagging, renaming,…
It can check mp3-files with the mp3crc and dirs with sfv files also (full recursive)


what is new?

  • single instance only
  • option to define the default action
  • more output data
  • shortcuts works now
  • option to delete the bad files
  • option to move a dir with bad files to an other dir
  • log file with option to full log or log only bad
  • if the files in the sfv are mp3's it will search for the mp3-crc and if it found one it'll check that and not the sfv-crc
  • option to see in the log window only the bad files.

what does it?

it injects a crc32 checksum into the mp3 using the lyrics2tag.
the crc is calculated using the mp3data from the first valid to the last valid mp3 frame.

why it is better then sfv?

after u encoded a mp3 u can vaccainate it with a crc .. and
now u can rename,retag the file and the crc never changes
so u can always check if it was corrupted

tools which support lyrics2 tag wont change the crc field .. and
programs which doesnt support it .. wouldnt read it .. that's ok i think

if anyone want the src for the mp3-crc you can request it via e-mail

pls write me what u think about it ..


  • full recursive sfv/mp3-crc-checking
  • injecting mp3-crc
  • checking mp3-crc
  • small and fast


  • mp3 crc dont work with vbr files ..

coz i dunno how to find the last two valid frames in a vbr file
if any1 knows how to do it .. pls write it to me
(ok i know it but that would slow down the search .. -> no vbr support)

  • i think there are some more bugs .. pls send me bug reports ;)


  • currently nothing

how does the mp3-crc get calculated?

the tool is searching for the first two valid frames and
the last two valid frames and calculates then the normal
crc32 of the mp3data including these 4 frames …
if there are some tags infront or at the end of the files
they get ignored .. if there is a truncated frame at the
end of the file it get's ignored too

it's injected into the mp3 using the lyrics2 tag
the fieldname is CRC ;)

Author: Bobben Morgoth

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