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  • Bad releasenames - renamed SRRs of which the original SRR is already in the database
  • Thumbs.db - Releases with a thumbs.db file inside the RARs
  • Pred without nfo - List of releases of which we know the nfo is missing. A placeholder with information has been added to srrDB.
  • Same name - Different pres with the same name.
  • Bad nfos - Explanation when NFO files are iffy
  • Weird names


  • QuickSFV - decode the information from the QuickSFV comments
  • pdSFV - creates and checks SFV checksum files
  • nvCRC32 - creates and checks SFV checksum files
  • SFV32nix
  • SFV32

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Sample tools (external links)

  • Rifflist - Extended AVI structure checker
  • MKVToolNix is a set of tools to create, alter and inspect Matroska files under Linux, other Unices and Windows. They do for Matroska what the OGMtools do for the OGM format and then some.
  • AVI-Mux GUI - Includes hex viewer for EBML/RIFF tree
  • EBML Viewer - The GUI application written in Java that displays the contents of EBML files.
  • EBMLInspect - Graphical utility to inspect EBML files (WebM, Matroska), in Java
  • mp4parser - Provides a Java API for parsing MP4 files 1 2
  • GSpot - Establishes what codecs (audio and video) are required to play a media file.

Software links (external links)

  • Ascii Generator 2 (Ascgen2) - an application to convert images into high quality ASCII art
  • CRC RevEng, an arbitrary-precision CRC calculator and algorithm finder
  • Forcing a file’s CRC to any value
  • xdelta open-source binary diff, differential compression tools, VCDIFF (RFC 3284) delta compression
  • CloneSpy, a Free Duplicate File CleanUp Tool for Windows© XP/Vista/7/8
  • dvdisaster, helpful in protecting and recovering your valuable data
  • Textify, to copy some text from a dialog box which doesn't provide such functionality
  • Duplicati - Store securely encrypted backups on cloud storage services!
  • WinFsp - Windows File System Proxy. WinFsp is a set of software components for Windows computers that allows the creation of user mode file systems. In this sense it is similar to FUSE (Filesystem in Userspace), which provides the same functionality on UNIX-like computers.
  • Everything Search Engine - Locate files and folders by name instantly
  • Hyper's CdCatalog - The cdcat is graphical multiplatform catalog program which scans the directories/drives you want and memorizes the file system (including the tags of mp3's) and stores it in a small file. Cdcat can store the content of some specified files up to a size limit if you want. (for example: *.nfo)

FLAC tools

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