This page lists or points to quotes to show what release groups think, outside the scope of scene notices. It could spot differences in thinking, habits throughout the years. We've all seen them, but the interesting ones are tough to find again and it isn't easy to quickly gather relevant NFOs regarding a topic. Tell us what you encounter again, especially old ones!

PARADiGM (1998) - course

Congrats to Mark McGwire. You're the man. Finally, a belated welcome to
new group members - Phiber Optik and DoGan. Welcome to the team. One
final public service announcement —> Child pornography is neither
welcomed nor acceptable in the scene, so if you like looking at a
child's private parts - clean up your act, or get the fuck out!

pdm98.nfo - pdmnfs3u.zip - NEED_FOR_SPEED_3_WALMART_UPDATE_PATCH-PARADiGM - Need_For_Speed_3_SE_Patch-PDM

FairLight (1998) - group merge

First and foremost we'd like to give the warmest of welcomes to the members
of the former LSDISO, who have now become knights of the order of FairLight.
May our union provide the masses with even more quality titles than ever
before imagined…

/Team FairLight

Curse_Of_Egypt-FLT Release Date: 12 / 14 / 98

RNS (1999) - course; system

Zero Music Inc. is RNS's official couriers (irc/ext ftp). The
reason for doing this is that it was felt by us, that RNS
should be focusing on releasing and not the mass distribution
of our music, they will handle the xdcc's and ftp couriering
to sites outside of RNS to benefit those not within the group


POP (2000) - course; system; buy

My what a long strange trip it has been… BBSs, 5 disk windows OS, the
First CDR drive, Linux, explosion of the internet, 3000 meg games,
we have seen it all … Then one night while goofing around in a couple
of channels, we realized we are now husbands, wives, Aunts and Uncles!

If you have ever gone shopping for children's software, you are quite
aware of the TONS of titles to choose from. Who knows what is good and
what is bad? Therefore, several of us have been "trading" Children's
Educational Apps and Games among ourselves to evaluate before purchasing.

We now realize that there are thousands of Computer Parents that are
doing the same thing… So, in the spirit of what has made our scene
so great in the past, "the leadership structure of Drink Or Die and
Razor1911 have joined forces and have established an affiliation with
the zeraw network to 'Evaluate, Test, Package, ReTest, and Release HIGH
QUALITY children's educational apps and games to the general public.'"

* Lets make it clear from the outset, we FULLY support scene and site
policy about not taking children's apps. This is NOT about meggage or
enhancing release stats… this affiliation is formed to get good
"evaluated" titles to the Computer Moms and Dads of the Scene. *

Therefore, to balance this goal with scene standards, the following
will be implemented:

1) POP Council is comprised of Leadership from established groups,
Senior Level or higher.

2) POP is NOT looking for sites, couriers, suppliers, coordinators,
or shellboxes.

3) POP membership is by "invite only." If you have what it takes,
we will know.

4) If you are in the scene, then you know how to find these releases.
(*hint, it is not on efnet). The channel contains PERM public leech
sites for the computer parents.

5) POP file_id.diz will contain a header:
"WARNING: These files contain kiddie ware
NOT intended for upload to scene sites!"

6) POP does not condone the uploading of any POP release to any
"scene site" … These disks are intended to be downloaded directly
by the enduser from public access sites.


1) A Release of the Week. One app or game released usually on Friday's.
For Archive purposes directories will be ROTW-091099-Name-POP, etc.

2) RIP if under 150 megs (CONTAINS ALL FILES). ISO if over 150 megs.

3) RIP format is Rar\Zip. ISO Format is bin\cue. POP does NOT provide
Technical support. We only guarantee that everything will be
Fully tested, including the pack which will be fully burned or
installed and played before release. Ask a friend on how to use
any of the programs needed if you are having trouble.


You know it. We know it. There are TOO many children's titles out
there and 50% of them are junk. IF your title has been selected by POP
for distribution to a wider audience, be thankful … not pissed.

It has long been established that free distribution of software is the
ultimate marketing device! Microsoft, Symantec, and Adobe have long
realized the power of the scene to get their software into the hands of
the buying public… it develops brand recognition and stimulates talk
among friends.

POP is dedicated to evaluting the REAMS of children's software and make
our recommendations to the scene by releasing a fully working evaluation

Remember this, Bill Gates built his power empire by NOT protecting DOS
and Windows 3.0 and by freely distributing easy serials on his current
products. The scene is a powerful marketing tool… USE IT, ENJOY IT,

If you are a software manufacturer and have a product you would like POP
to evaluate and release to the masses, an avenue of communication will
be provided in the near future.

  • POP does not condone the use of this software for generating illegal

profit. We are in this for fun and recommend everyone tell their
friends to buy the product at their nearest retail store. If YOU like
it … BUY IT!

POP: founded as a joint venture between DOD - zeraw - RAZOR1911


WCR (2003) - course

We Are WCR, Despite Your Hate and Bitching We Continue
to release. We Are Looking For Rippers & Box Owners 100Mbit+
Enjoy Our Releases And Remember This Is The World Conquering
Revolution. No Public Channel, They're Lame.


LOKi (2006) - why

We do this for fun not greed like others, we don't
want your questionable hardware or dump donations.


LEGACY (2011) - course

Its sad to see how little talent these "groups" that
are considered to form the "scene" of today actually
possess. Is there actually anything you can do without
the help of Chinese flashcard makers or independent
homebrew coders? If you look further than the countless
amounts of shovelware, serial dupes and old crap, I
guess the answer is pretty obvious. Despite the fancy
nfos and namedropping, you're no better than the
anonymous bittorrent releaser. The distribution might be
different, but the spirit is the same.


EMG_INT (2010) - system

One of the pleasures of being internal grp is
making birthday wishes + holiday greats in DIR.


TDF (2010) - system

Dirfixing to Limited because TDF contains english subs..

A release containing English subtitles after a foreign-tagged release is not considered a dupe,
regardless of whether or not the foreign-tagged release has English subs.


SPAROOD (2013) - system; scene drama

Notes: Enjoy this HQ rip in 1080p with Teletext NL subs and 320kbit audio!



HDEX (2016) - system

The first ever dutch movie brought to us on bluray
already over 8 years ago. Since it wasn't common to
archive stuff those days the 720p from GEHENNA and
our 1080p went lost.

Thus, both released again, with DTS and subs :)


CUSTODES (2016) - scene drama; security; quality; course; buy

It has come to our attention that there were rumours that
CUSTODES is involved into P2P and insecure site business. We
can't prevent such rumours by haters that not doing anything
to make the scene a better place for all of us.

We hope that you check twice what you hear and discuss any
issues with us directly instead of keeping them internal in
some dirty corners. We get informed anyway. Even suspicious
members getting removed for the rest of their life to give
them the chance to think twice about their actions. It's
important for their scene future to handle things more
carefully. Do not blame us, instead learn from it!

Our roots going back to the 90ties the golden era of the
scene we all miss nowadays. Our mission is to bring back the
security and a bit of the magic back in the days!

Do not believe the hype of current security concepts that
leading to nothing instead wrong pictures of people and
groups. Instead, trust people that are professional operating
system gurus that know how to secure a place probably.

We care and you should care, too!

Again, thanks for your time! This is our final and last
statement because such things should be kept internal. We do
not need ANY official scene notices that are accessible
public for feds that just earning more information how things

Kind regards

we are here to strengthen the whole community with quality
releases doesn't matter at all in what section. the goal is
to contribute to the scene culture with new ideas and leavin
the old beaten paths.

scene should always seek the highest quality in a section
that is possible. everything else is like playing with dead
bodies. (necrophilia!)

of course we respect the old school that is responsible for
the whole infrastructure we are using today. some of those
structures are very honourable and praiseworthy, but if they
cause us to weaken and die out, they need to be changed.

we are no competitors instead see us friendly contributors
that expanding a section with hard work and our heart's

in our current mission preserving music and culture in .flac
in all genres and years we got open positions for:

» CD and VINYL rippers that are able to supply on a regular
basis. (No multigroup members accepted!)

» Non rented private headquarters.



PLEASURE (2009) - course

This is rather ridiculous to have to say considering how we've worked
painstakingly hard for 3 years plus to put out the best end-product
possible, but all our dvds that need encoding are encoded with
CCE as per scene rules. We reserve the right to package these dvds in
whatever iso creation program we choose for playback compatibility. To
the idiot nuker who assigns themselves self-importance by claiming their
'nifty' program tells them otherwise, if your contemporaries haven't
called you out by now it's truly a disservice to anyone with a brain.
If you don't like the rules, get them changed, until then you're welcome
to fellate our e-phalluses.
It's pretty simple really. Anyone with any expertise in dvd encoding and encoded
dvds before dvd rebuilder knows that using dvd rebuilder's encode bitrate is a farce
and a sign of incompetence on the part of nukers and groups who 'proper' based on
these 'bitrates'. We are done explaining ourselves to morons. No more split discs
to satisfy the blissfully ignorant.
PLEASURE…making life difficult for sheepnukers since '06™.



2HD - LOL (2013)

Couldn't resist :). Shoutout to Taylor!


Maybe if you're lucky the pedophile/tweener posers will pre a dupeternal of this
from another half bitrate pseudo HD jacked up source using shit settings. O wait
no young fake country wannabe stars in this episode. Guess you are stuck with
actual quality. Poop.



FWYH (2002) - nuke bias

The classic album by Throbbing Gristle. 20 Jazz
Funk greats! We released this album not to long
ago, but low and behold it was nuked for having
crackles in track 2. Thats obviously the lamest
thing ive possibly ever heard considering i can name
about 20 absolutley H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E Rips from AMOK
that skip through the entire song and sounds like
complete shit, yet we get a nuke for having one
crackle, in one song. Oh well, Thats the Corprate
scene for you
. Here is the correct rip, skip free.
Enjoy this Grisilized madness from the group who
loves being the ruthless, sqwandering, UN-leet fags
in the entire scene. May you all hate us to death.

WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF FWYH! We are a small force
of crazy Electro Monkeys proving that no matter how
big or small a group is, Dedication conquers all!

We have been down that road where we have gone
through many changes to what we have become now.
No matter what you think of us bad or good we will
be the force that will give chaos to you in many
forms. There is that word dedication and honor and
thats what this group of the smallest members will
show you all.

Thank You Everyone for your support and we will con-
tinue to give you the releases you desire with the
true quality of the best releases ever!

First of all - friendship - if you don't have
the ability to be friendly and are one of those
leet fuckers, then just FUCK OFF ok?

We'd like to welcome our newest members to the
group. Hope you'll enjoy your stay! Don't come
begging us to get added to sites, we wont help you.
Greetings fly out to JAH, BLIZZARD, DPS, SER, CHR,
and every single other group out there that the
weed we smoke made us forget to mention!



FLT (2000)

Note to webmasters/websites: In order to post this trainer on your website,
you MUST include the .NFO file. Do not even THINK about posting this on
your site unless you will include this file.



BeatMasters International (2000)

Another fine BMI release. *NOT* ment to be spread - ment for DJs worldwide
Feel free to nuke it if our name convention won't match your lousy warez
rules. BMI - Your choice in good, actual and quality music.


Souldrinker (2004)

The current events have occured because game releases like the ones created
by us have been made accessible to too many people. Our intention for our
releases was always to keep them inside the scene only - and not to spread
them to everyone. Nobody of us ever had any financial interests in releasing
games and cracks. The redistribution of our releases into P2P-systems,
Usenet newsgroups, via FXP-boards and of our cracks on websites like
Gamecopyworld happened against our declared intention and against the
purpose of the scene as a whole. The fact that almost anybody on the planet
could leech releases like ours and the damage this did to the games industry
inescapably had to lead to law enforcement actions.

Those among you who have spread our releases against our intention and
against the purpose of the scene (you know who you are) are responsible for
the death of the scene. Thank you for that and may you be reborn as the
lesser creatures whose characters you've already shown to be blessed with.

Anyway, we all did this because of fun, friendship and (in the last year
sadly nearly without any) competition. We will miss these things for sure,
especially some of our friends. Many of us were also friends in real life
and will always be, perhaps that is why our group was successful.



This release is for the elite p2p community. Dont trade our releases to
these lame scene sites, all they are good at is leeching! So fuck off!!


FIH_INT (2008)


Despite recent allegations we are still going strong bringing you
those rare and hard to find releases u seem to love.
We have nothing to hide we dont associate with xdcc users or locations
same with torrents or any kind of p2p.

Just because other grps have followed these trends in the past
doesn't mean were one of them so get it staight.

We Rlz for Scene Only!

We dont run any public networks or run any kind of public channels if you
cant find any of our releases then 9 out of 10 ur not meant to.

We make sure the security and saftey of our affils friends and supplyers is #1.

Much respect to those who have stuck by us knowing what we are about
and what we represent we do this for u!

Props go out to our friends in the following keep doing what u do best!



judge (2008)

Your friends from judge give you LOSSLESS music and now some subpacks
meant for the x264 scene.

This release is not meant to be spread on ANY P2P medium. Too much work goes in to making these.


CROKY (2011)

CROKY does not like to see their releases appear on usenet or any other P2P crap.
To whoever is leaking our stuff to usenet or any other crap: fuck you.


PURiTY (2012)

Unfortunately, all our releases used to hit P2P and other public
places within a moment after pre. That is not what we intend with
our releases. That is not our intention with the scene. Those
days are counted. We do not stand for P2P. We found this new group
on privacy and security. We do not tolerate leaks. If we become
aware of leaks we will take the necessary steps to prevent it!
No compromise/exceptions. We stand for security. We stand for privacy.


CLASSIC (2012)

We do not want to see our releases on p2p/torrent network.
Keep to your own releases at your local network.
To all P2P/torrent LAMERS - Respect our middle finger!
And to those lowlife scums who doesn't understand plain english.
It simply means FUCK YOU or if you prefer FUCK OFF. Your choice.

Don't put our nfo's on the WEB
Don't mail us asking for files, you won't get any answer!


DDS (2016) - why

DDS is here for fun only, we try to keep the scene
standard as high as possible. It's not difficult to
compete, but compete with quality is much harder.

Our releases will be here for your pleasure, and
for scene-pleasure only! So keep them off P2P!

DELiGHT (2020)

This Release belongs to the Scene.

P2P and web warez are the end of the scene.

It is competition and our hobby to release
- P2P's and fucking lamer's only skill is

Don't share our releases to P2P -they don't
contribute anything to the scene so they have
no right to use our releases and can buy it!

Furthermore Bit Torrent Tracker, the FXP-
Scene and other One-Click-Hoster are a huge
risk to the whole scene.

Support the software company and buy it.

<!—Wolfenstein Spear of Destiny v1.4 GOG —>




AMOK (2000)

ATTENTiON: There is currently a 0day group operating under the name "AmoK"!
These individuals (mostly re-releasing cracks for the "webscene") are
in NO WAY releated with AMOK and we expect 0day staff to nuke their
releases as "fake" wherever uploaded!

There are a few other projects out wearing our proud name:
http://www.amok-club.de - A club in Munich/Germany dedicated to our genre
http://amokreviews.cjb.net - A records review in German language

MORAL DiSCLAiMER: We are very aware of the fact that our releases
contibute to the growing sale losses of record companies.
Unfortunately our style primarily targets small, independent labels
that need sales to survive.
If you know the market you┤ve noticed that "Off Beat" already died,
"Zoth Ommog" is writing red turnovers; as do many other small labels
dedicated to Electro/Industrial/Goth.
We highly encourage you to buy this album if you like the rip:
With average sales of 1ooo-7ooo presses/album worldwide, neither
artists nor labels get "rich" in this genre.
Buy buying the albums you like you disperse the guilt we have by
releasing this music- Enjoy the music and be fair with the artists!
YOUR support is required to keep them financially alive and producing!


AMOK (2003)

MORAL DiSCLAiMER: We are very aware of the fact that our releases
contibute to the growing sale losses of record companies.
Unfortunately our style primarily targets small, independant labels
that need sales to survive.

For these reasons we ask you not to distribute this release on public
sites or Napster; if more and more receive their music from the net,
artists and labels will have to face even less sells than nowadays.
Please do not consider this release as a substitute to the original, but
only as a way to check out and learn about new music.
We absolutely do not approve of DJs or other individuals that earn
money from pirated music - Don't let them get their hands on it!

By buying the albums you like you disperse the guilt we feel by
releasing this music - Enjoy the music and be fair with the artists!
YOUR support is required to keep them financially alive and producing!


MYTH (2003)

We do this just for FUN. We are against any profit or commercialisation
of piracy. We do not spread any release, others do that.
In fact, we BUY all our own games with our own hard earned and worked for
efforts. Which is from our own real life non-scene jobs.
As we love game originals. Nothing beats a quality original.

"If you like this game, BUY it. We did!"



Check our BLiZZARD intro called 'Snowflakes', props to all
groups mentioned! Don't support p2p!!


As reaction of the lately busts all our sections are totally closed
for the public. We wont accept any member applies of unknown rippers
Same to affil requests. But we wont stop our quest! Count on us!

Please note:
Blizzard is releasing music in mp3 coz of competition reasons only
and is based on friendship. We release for the scene and not 4 public
We also dont tolerate the selling of mp3 to make anykind of profit
We really dont care where you could get our releases. So please
buy the album if you like what you hear! Thanx a lot!


gEm: g r o o v [ e ] m i s s i o n (2009)

We are very sad and upset about how fast our releases
get spread to p2p, www, psy boards or whatsoever! Our
releases are meant for sceners only and not for the
huge public which consists mostly of parasites who just
download everything and don't buy anything. We can't say
it often enough, SUPPORT THE ARTISTS or sooner or later
the artists will discontinue to produce the music we all
love! You can help to keep this whole machine running by
buying ORIGINALS and visiting parties and festivals


SKIDROW (2011)

Keep in mind we do all this, because we can and because we like the
thrilling excitement of winning over the other competing groups. We
absolutely don't do all these releases, to please the general user that
rather want to spend their cash on updating to the latest hardware, and
see's the scene releases as a source to play all these games for free.

Enjoy playing and remember if you like it, support the developer!


PoWeRUp (2014)

Please support the developers and buy the fucking
game… We did.


13 (2016)

Often 13 releases very small run / independent movies. We want to be
clear that we do NOT condone the distribution or profiting from these
releases. We always attempt to provide a URL where you can purchase
these releases. If it is sold out, contact them and donate toward the
film. They rely on our love of these subjects to take them a step
further. Do not be cheap! Buy this release!!



PoWeRUp (2014)

Bitcoin donations to 1MPFUF4UtMj929fgwW6qnhYoFdfRJyGy1m


Bitcoin donations to 1MPFUF4UtMj929fgwW6qnhYoFdfRJyGy1m
ODE devices wont be mandatory for playing backups. Is anyone
ready to code a game loader yet ? How bad do you people want
the exploit to get the party started ? Leave us a message
through a public note along with bitcoin donation. If you want the
hack go public, we better see some donations because this shit is
burning a hole in our pocket


Sorry about the delay, we were busy playing Mario Kart 8, watching
world cup, drinking beer and fucking hookers. :D btw watchout for
lame P2P fucks that are changing the BTC address in NFOs make sure
you donate to the right one ;)


We are eager to dump other regions as well JAP,EUR,AUS. But we do
need your support so that we can buy more hardware and more games.
1MPFUF4UtMj929fgwW6qnhYoFdfRJyGy1m this is the bitcoin address to
which you can donate or point your miners at. We are disappointed
about how scene is dying piece by piece and not getting any true
support from end users while we are putting our heart into it and
always cheer you up with quality. So we urge other scene groups
that feel the same way to as well start accepting donations in
this form. Thx to all generous people that will help us prosper..


spamTV (2016)



Scene Group Asks For Bitcoin Donations, Gets $0 - TorrentFreak

BRD (2016)

Few years back, we were warned about someone managing a fake
FB profile, impersonating the name of our beloved group. As
we could figured out, it was just a poorly attempt to gain
attention, we scoffed about that and decided to leave things
in that way.

As we stated for years in our NFOs, we don't support the
spread of our releases over WEB or P2P networks, that though
applies for FB and any social network too; but Internet is
the right place for naive people that can fall on old tricks
like this one, where some kid plays to be smart and gain
attention. The above doesn't concern to us (every ppl should
know about this mouse and cat game), but we don't agree when
this pathetic act started as a scam few months ago. The
manager of this public profile (besides of impersonating us)
is asking for donations in Bitcoins, fooling people to donate
in exchange for our work.

We want state in this note to all our friends that we don't
own FB profiles (and we won't). The account:
'moc.xednay|drbeht#moc.xednay|drbeht' is completely fake and doesn't own to us
nor we don't own accounts on another mail services.
Our goal with this note is let to know to our friends in the
scene about this factic issue, we don't feel sad or angry
about it, it just a simple game that contravenes the old
scene's spirit :).



Read nfo

REPACK? Yeah, accidently, some zipscripts delete "di.nfo". We had
to rename the nfo file to "diginsan.nfo".


FairLight (1998)

Fairlight is:

Hemp Hoodlum, Holy Beast, JBM
Hellraiser, Xades

After almost 4 years of hiatus; the Light of Eternal Might has returned for
one more round of great friends, great games and great fun. We recognize
that ISO is the future of the scene, and have jumped at the opportunity to
release FULL versions of games, just like we have done in the past. So while
we labour to give you some great PC titles, we ask that you sit back, relax
and enjoy the ride; because we surely will.

Greetings to our old crackingfellows in:
Razor 1911, Quartex, Eagle Soft INC, Skid Row, Crystal, Bamiga Sector One,
Tristar & Redsector, Anthrox, Dual Crew, Dynamix, PWA, Northstar, Phenomena,
Oracle, Defjam, Angels and to the rest of the cult ones!

Greetings to our current peers in:


CLASSIC (2012)

Amiga Scene - skid row, prestige, alpha flight, fairlight, legend.
crystal, trsi, scoopex, spirit….
… and special greets to our closest friends
"CLASSiC - a sign of quality!"
alive & kickin' since '1988
c64 - amiga - pc


PoWeRUp (2014)

The Hall of Fame

BAHAMUT * iCON * WiiERD * iNSOMNi * LaKiTu * Caravan * OneUp *
ZRY * ProCiSiON * dumpTruck * Caravan * GLoBAL * VORTEX * VIMTO

First of all we'd like to say big thanks and respect to everyone
that joined us on this epic quest of great success and we are
honoured to be first to serve you 8th generation console releases
so you can all have a lot of fun and joy in years to come. Finally
we would like to show respect to all the oldskool scener's from
whom we have admired for your devotion to the scene many have
long since left or retired but you will always be remembered as
true legends and not arrogant pricks like you see today RESPECT!


Best regards to friends from VENOM, ABSTRAKT, FAKE
and all the true scener's that are left … RESPECT



wAx (1999): ^TaX^

On August 28 1999 (Saturday), one of our siteops (^TaX^) passed away.
He left behind him, many wonderful memories amongst his friends.
These memories, will always be a part of us, in our hearts, minds and
souls. And where these memories are and last, there will always be the
spirit of Tomas Axelsson (^TaX^), who also live and last - as long as
we live…

We shall be with you forever…

Rest in peace…


MiRAGETV (2011): Spatula

Dedicated to Spatula (RIP 2010-11-22) who made the first ever scene TV-x264 release: The.Unit.S01E04.HD720p.x264-MiRAGETV.


Razor 1911 (2012): DYCUS


We would like to take the oppotunity to thank our dear friend dycus for what
he has put not only into rzr but also into the whole scene.

Everyone in our group knew he had a hard life, being in hospital all the time.
But he still managed to do amazing things. He was the one behind many Trainers
and without him even our few releases wouldn't have seen the light of day as
he was the best game tester you could think of. Always full of new ideas and
willing to learn everything in coding.

For our historical scene friends we will show some steps in his scene career

1. Dycus joined DBC (Da Breaker Crew) which doesn't exist anymore.
He tried to crack, code and learned every possible thing you can think of.
2. Dycus joined Lz0. That was when DBC died because of the risk it was to be a
public web cracking group.
3. Dycus joined SoulDrinker and Deviance as a tester. He always told me that
this was the break in his scene life as he met a lot nice people there and
which to have stayed there. But as we all know these two groups died as well.
4. After a long time of no activity he joined a new group called Ascension.
At first it was really great, he learned to train games even better.
But soon he realized that the leader was playing a false game. He stole
unreleased games from another group and he decided that this was not right
and against his morals so he quit.
5. Dycus however couldn't stop and he released a couple of Trainers on his own
under the group ReUNiON. But being the only group member is boring and so
he came to the one and only Razor 1911 as tester and coder. We enjoyed coding
installers, trainers and helped the others fix coding problems. Until one day
when he didn't came back to ircd….

We hope you finally found your peace, as you deserve it. You've been struggling and
fighting the cancer way too long. Nobody deserves to be struggling with an desease
like that. We won't ever forget you in the group. And we would like to give our
condoleances to your family and friends, who also have to miss you! Thanks for
being yourself and thanks for all the good talks you had with anyone who wanted it.

We miss you! And we will never forget you!

Your friends in Razor1911 and Razor1911 Demo Devision!

-[thoughts about him from his old groups]---

Dear Dycus,

For a long time you did a great job in our humble family and with your knowledge,
your effort and your great sense of humor! You were one of the key factors to how
we managed to grow and prosper. Therefore it's a sad day when we now learned that
you have passed away. Cancer is never a good thing - it's a long and hard battle.
Sadly you didn't make it…
You've been a great inspiration to us, to what you can achieve if you just set your
eyes on the goal? And with great determination one can always succeed with ones
dreams. You did… Even though our ways parted several years ago we still kept in
touch, you always had your thoughts on how things evolved, quick wit and always
there with some kind remarks. The world will not be the same without you -
the empty spot you leave behind cannot easily be filled…
We will miss you…

Team Linezer0


Lz0 (2014): Goolum

+ M E M O R Y +
A great guy and a wonderful friend just died during the night
at 17th of October 2014. Goolum or GLM as he often went by -
had a long history in the scene - and for most of the time he
worked together with some of us. He always loved to chat, had a
great sense of humor and amongst all - he was a great friend.
We all knew that he struggled in life - not just economical but
also on a personal level and not the least with his drug issues.
One of the things that kept him going was his wonderful
daughter whom he cherished a lot. He often talked about her,
and how proud of her he was. He was clear that if there was
one thing in life he was proud of - it was that he became the
dad of a wonderful girl.
Were shocked that when finally things started to move in the
right direction, that we would receive the news about his death.
It came without warning and we can only imagine the shock of
his family. Its hard to find the right words - or words for
that matter. Even though it might have appeared as that he was
lonely - with few friends, he knew that we were just a keyboard
Many nights we spent chatting, about anything. He could have
deep conversations or light humorous chats just to cheer
someone up. He would always put everyone else before himself;
and hed go to great lengths to ensure that his friends were
happy. The same courtesy we always tried to do to him, and
especially during the times that wasnt good.
Some of us got to know GLM during the Amiga-era - and remained
friends ever since. Others got to know him during the last 11
years as he joined our group and became a close friend.
We will miss you every day buddy - you entered our lives and
the marks you left, will never ever be forgotten.
In honor of Goolum






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