.r2n files

Too short file names uploaded to srrDB come from the era when CD-R (650MB/700MB) burning was limited in file name/path length.

The limitation is not set by the program itself - it's the industry standard. It depends on whether you are using ISO 9660 or Joliet for the recording

Maximum File Identifier Length Increased

Joliet receiving systems shall receive directory hierarchies recorded with file identifiers longer than those allowed by ISO 9660 receiving systems.

ISO 9660 (Section 7.5.1) states that the sum of the following shall not exceed 30:

* If there is a file name, the length of the file name.
* If there is a file name extension, the length of the file name extension.

On Joliet compliant media, however, the sum as calculated above shall not exceed 128, to allow for longer file identifiers.

The above lengths shall be expressed as a number of bytes.


or I should've made a text file containing the proper file names…
sour used some r2n tool for this but I never found it

An example file:

; r2n 1.1
; (RIAA-2-normal filename conversion table)
01 - DJ TeeBee - Spaceage.mp3
02 - DJ TeeBee - Stolen Documents.mp3
03 - DJ TeeBee - Lifepod.mp3
04 - DJ TeeBee - Bioform.mp3
05 - DJ TeeBee - Fingerprints.mp3
06 - DJ TeeBee - Unknown Approach.mp3
07 - DJ TeeBee - Rewind.mp3
08 - DJ TeeBee - The Claw.mp3
09 - DJ TeeBee - Gravity Distortion.mp3
10 - DJ TeeBee - The Gateway.mp3
11 - DJ TeeBee - Future War.mp3
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