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SFV stands for Simple File Validator and is just that. The reason why SFV exists is the fact that the best archiver around - RAR - lacks a significant ability, namely the ability to put one CRC per volume in a file which spans over multiple volumes. This is bad news indeed when downloading a file wich resides in 40+ volumes and it unpacks with an error there is no way of telling in wich volume the error is.
SFV has a solution to these little problem quirks or RAR. SFV generates an external crc file containing checksums of the files. If something fails when unpacking, simply use SFV and find out which file(s) have errors and RE-DOWNLOAD ONLY THE FAULTY FILES again — this will save time and effort, because downloading the entire set of archives AGAIN from another source still cannot 100% guarantee flawless transmission. But with a working crc you can keep looking for those good files, and you'll know that the files are genuinely part of the same set.


Windows version: sfv32.zip
*nix version: sfv32nix-1.2.tar.gz


All versions of SFV32 are written by Alcatraz of Fantasia Software. This software is intended to be free to use and not associated with any kind of lame licensing or nagging etc. Although for me as an author it is really great to know what people think of my program, what features are missing and what bugs there are etc. To contact the author:
EFNet: Mr\\Alc
email: moc.edudrebyc|cla#moc.edudrebyc|cla

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 The .SFV or .SFV2 files found in directories are for d/ling
 purposes, it (with SFV32 or WIN-SFV32) gives anyone the
 ability to test ANY of the archives (generally RAR) without
 requiring all of them. 

 The SFV program generates a text file with a Checksum for 
 each file... these checksums can then be used to validate 
 each individual file - with a simple commandline SFV32 will
 either LOG the errors or display the errors on the screen.

************************* IMPORTANT **************************
Recommend usage:
  Any group releasing ISOs create a checksum for others
  to use in testing, since for most people grabbing an 
  iso is extremely time consuming, the group should take
  some responsibility. The New 1.0 win32 and linux versions
  create new .SFV2 checksums, they don't work with old 
  versions of SFV, but the old checksums *ONLY* work with
  the new Win32 version of SFV, the UNIX version is incapable
  of testing with the old .SFV files, so there is no way to
  keep using them for cross compatibility.

 The SFV-XDCC bot will continue to offer crcs in both formats
 with the distinction in name, old SFV crcs will have the
 .SFV extension, and the new crcs will have a .SFV2 extension
 To use the new crc files with the commandline versions, just
 simply rename them back to .SFV and use the switch for them.


 The preferred crc name is RELEASE.SFV/.SFV2 where release 
is the filename of the rars, e.g Dungeon Keeper Gold is 
DKGOLD.RAR so the crc file would be named DKGOLD.SFV, the 
simplest way to create this name is to let SFV decide, use
"SFV32 -C -2" when creating the checksum, it will find the
first rar and match the name, when testing the -2 again 
applies, so any iso with the .SFV file will be tested with 
"SFV32 -T -2" read the manual for other commands and more 
detailed info.

 Many siteops have agreed to use this program and thousands
of ISO couriers have downloaded the program, so if you 
didn't hear of it, or it's great benefit you will. So far,
SFV32 and WIN-SFV32 are the only programs to verify files
on-the-fly meaning without user intervention. Filecrc and
Validate require MANUAL COMPARING of the checksums in the
crc files, this is a totally unacceptable way to test isos 
which are generally comprised of 40+ rar files.

 If you need a detailed explanation of the features, consult
the manual that comes with the program... get the newest SFV!

                          - GOD-EMPEROR (Co-designer)

.[EOF].  Updated May 10, 1998

SFV32.txt? v0.22a


* DISCLAIMER *****************************************************************

This software is provided on "AS IS" basis, there is no warranty what so ever 
of the functionality of the software. The entire risk as to quality and 
performance of the software is borne by you. Should this software prove to be 
defective and cause loss of any kind, you and solely you is to pay for the 
expences of repair. Fantasia Software can at no level be held responsible for 
any kind of liablility.

* COPYRIGHT AND FREEWARE ****************************************************

This software is Copyrighted by Fantasia Software. It may free of charge be 
distributed in it orginal state. No part of this package may in any way be 
altered without explicit authorization from Fantasia Software. No fee may on 
any level be charged for this software - THIS SOFTWARE IS FREE. 

- REALLY SHORT MANUAL --------------------------------------------------------

SFV32 without parameters by default tests all files in the specified directory
for help information use "SFV32 -?", this will bring up the following screen:

  SFV32 [T|C] [-S] [-F "Filename"] ["mask1" "mask2" ...]
      T              To verify files against checksum table
      C              To Create a checksum table (default)
      -S             Silent output - stealth mode
      -F "Filename"  Forces SFV to use a specified filename rather than the
                     default CRC.TXT
      -L             Enable logging of bad files
      -N "Filename"  Forces SFV to use a different log filename rather than
                     the default SFV.LOG for logging bad files when not in
                     stealth mode
      Make sure all filenames are within quotationmarks (")
      If no files are specified *.* is the default

      The logging switches has no effect upon creation of checksumtables

All filenames shall be within quotationmarks ("), all others will be 
considered as errors. 

Simply specifying -N without using -L will not generate a log. 

- EXAMPLE OF USE -------------------------------------------------------------

        Will create a checksum table of all files in the current 
                directory and store the result in a file named "CRC.TXT" in 
                the same dir.

        Will calculate CRC:s of all files in the same dir but put the 
        result in the file "C:\BADBOY.TXT".

        Will use the input list "C:\BADBOY.TXT", and verify the CRC of
        DUMMYFILE.RAR against the values in the CRC table this will be
        done with all output supressed.

SFV32 "*.TXT" "*.ARJ"
        Will create "CRC.TXT" in the same dir, and add the entries of
        *.ARJ and *.TXT to that table file.

        Error, no quotationsmarks around filename.

SFV32 -L T 
        Will test all files in who has a checksum in CRC.TXT and write
        the names of the bad files into a log named SFV.LOG located in 
        the current directory.

        Will test all files with a checksum entry in the file named 
        ACTUALCRC.TXT that is located in the root of the default drive. 
        Also all files failing the check will be entered into an 
        errorlog C:\CRAPPY.LST.

- WARFTD ---------------------------------------------------------------------

For basic Warftpd upload verification, simply use the program with commandline 
shown below:

  <program>  <commandline>
  SFV32.EXE  T -S "$f" 

If you run vfsys, put CRC.TXT in the Dupe exceptions list.

- PROGRAM ERRORLEVELS --------------------------------------------------------

      0: All tested files ok, or program executed without errors
      1: Error opening/creating listfile
      2: One or more of the tested files failed CRC
      3: Error processing one or more files, ie read error, open error etc
      4: Help displayed, due to command line error or by request
      5: No files processed ?!
      6: Unable to create logfile    

- CHECKSUM FILE --------------------------------------------------------------

All lines heading off with a semicolon (;) or simply consisting of spaces will 
be ignored by the parser.

- AUTHOR NOTES ---------------------------------------------------------------

Any buges etc should be reported to me so I can fix them asap.

Alcatraz can be contacted on the following email adress: alc@cyberdude.com

- WHAT'S NEW -----------------------------------------------------------------

v0.20a    - First 32-bit release.
v0.21a    - Added logging feature and support for comment within checksum file.
v0.22a    - Fixed a stupid bug that made it impossible to change checksum 
          filename, if ya tried it would change the log filename instead.


WinSFV.exe downloaded from anivcd.tv includes SITEB.NFO

      ³SiteOp: GOD-EMPEROR   Speed: Cable ³

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