-                   SFVCopy 1.28.00                   -
-                 by tH0D Productions                 -
-      Rapid integrity check of your MP3 Albums       -
-           Release Date: 12-18-2008                  -
-                                              -
-                Main Features:                       -
-  * Works on entire folders with sub folders         -
-    containing MP3 albums (ie an incoming/download   -
-    folder) or individual albums                     -
-  * CRC checks files if .SFV is present              -
-  * Integrity checks contents in M3U and SFV files   -
-  * warns if m3u/sfv or nfo is missing               -
-  * FTP-like "taglines" in each folder like          -
-    [OK-7_Files-33,7MB]-[Rock-2002-192kbps]          -
-  * Command line support                             -






  • It won't create the tag line if the release genre has a "/" character.
  • The window won't fit on your screen if your resolution isn't high enough.

Read Me

SFVCOPY, Copyright (C) 2003-2008 by tH0D Productions, all rights reserved

User Guide:
I wrote this for myself and decided to release it to the public,
if you find it useful...nice, support is non-existent.

This software was maily designed to quickly integrity check MP3 Albums.
(but may also be useful for other filetypes, with a .SFV file present.
This guide mentions MP3 albums only)

The software assumes the albums you want to check are located in 
folders/directories - one folder for each album.

Basic Operation:
    -Select a folder containing sub folders of MP3 Albums in the folder
     tree at the top left. You should *NOT* select an Album folder here,
     but its PARENT folder!
    -Click Update (Alt-D) and the folder is scanned and the folder list  
     will list all sub folders (and icons indicating if they contain
     any .M3U and/or .SFV files)
    -Select the albums you want to check in the folder list or "Select
     all" (Alt-A, not Ctrl-A)
    -Select the desired operation and settings in the right pane and
     and click "Process All Selected Dirs"

Main features:
    *Works on an entire folder with sub folders containing MP3 albums
     or individual albums selected in the folder list. Typically
     you would select your mp3 incoming/downloads folder.

    *CRC checks files if an .SFV file is present

    *Integrity checks M3U and SFV files (compares listed files with 
     files present on disk)

    *Warns if SFV, M3U or NFO files are missing

    *To help you keep track of checked albums,
     FTP-like "taglines" can be written to each folder 
     (an info file, the filename showing info, for example 
     any corrupt/missing files are listed in this file, if
     all files are OK, it's a zero byte file)
     In addition files are added (and removed if OK) to the PARENT 
     folder to help you keep track of incomplete albums in an 
     "incoming folder", for example Artist-Album-year#NoNFO
     (artist-album-year being the folder name)

     *Renaming: can truncate and rename files, any changes are
      stored in a backup file, so the roiginal names can be 
      resored later on.

     *Deletes any "temp files" you define for example 
      thumbs.db, .message

     *Command Line support

    This operation will use CRC-Check  and "special files" settings from 
    "CHECK/PREPARE SELECTED DIRECTORIES". No remaning will occur.

    You would typically run this operation with all settings turned on
    on a folder with new albums you haven't checked before to integrity 
    check and produce taglines. Then move all
    finished albums to another folder (using the produced taglines as help)
    and/or RE-RUN this operation AS OFTEN AS YOU WANT to to re-check any albums 
    previouly determined as incomplete. 
    The setting "Do not recheck, trust existing taglines..." will make re-checking
    alot faster since then CRC-checks are only performed on files that hasn't 
    aldready been tagged as "OK" (missing or corrupt in earlier checks), 
    ie finished files are ignored.
    BEAWARE THAT IF YOU DOWNLOAD TAGLINES that match the ones produced by SFVCOPY
    then the albums will never be checked.
    Note that you can customize you tagline by editing sfvcopy.ini

    If you are'nt interested in renaming (see below) then this operation
    is all you need to integrity check your albums.


    This operation is the same as "CHECK AND TAG" above but with some additional
    settings for RENAMING files and folders.

    (files may be missing or corrupt) so you should only run this operation on folders
    previosuly checked with "CHECK AND TAG" if album folder names cannot be changed
    before the album is complete (ie you are still downloading to the folder)

    All of the name changes described below can be RESTORED using 

    Renaming Options:
    CD-R/DVD Compability:
       -"Truncate Files/Directories > X characters". This is kinda obsolote, but useful 
        if you are still buring you albums.  CD-R/DVD file systems cannot handle more 
        than 64 characters (X). This option will truncated long files/folders and 
        update the SFV and M3U file accordingly, so they aren't broken like when your  
        burning software forces you to truncate.
        *    "Options WHEN a file or directory is truncated" you can define additional
            rules for this truncation (they only apply to this setting, not to the other
            renaming options described below):
            These rules works only for Folders/files with the format
            Album-Artist-YEAR-TAG (year for folders only, delimiter "-" can also one or more of the follwoing
            characters " ",_,(,)[,],"," or ".")
            * To Define tags to use with option "Preserve tags at end of file/directory names"
            add lines to section [GTAGS] in sfvcopy.ini, like in this example: 
            Each line is a TAG definition, the text(tag) on both sides of =  must be
            identical. For example If you have "Artist-long_album_name-TAG"
            long album name will be truncated but tag is not.
            *"Preserve year before tag(dirs only)" If you have "Artist-long_album_name-YEAR-TAG"
            long album name will be truncated but YEAR( any 4 digit combination) is not
            *"Strip year before tag(dirs only), the opposite....

       -"Replace multiple dots w/ comma in filenames" 
        As above, CD-R/DVD file systems cannot handle multiple dots in filenames.
        The SFV and M3U files are updated accordingly.

    Other Renaming:
        Just to make you MP3 collection easier to browse/sort/whatever
        -"Remove dots in dirs", let say you like artist "Mr. Man" and have one 
         one album folder named "Mr._Man" and another "Mr_Man", this will make them equal
         select "only up to first hyphen" to only remove dots in the beginning of the foldername.
        -"Strip VA in beggining of all dirs(not files)" - if you do not want your "various artists"
         albums sorted on letter V.
        -"Strip THE in beggining of all dirs(not files)" - if you do not artist beginning with "The"
         albums sorted on letter T. Either remove "The" completely or use the sub settings "move to 
         front of first hyphen"/"sorround with brackets"

    Process Special Files:
        Any files found in an album folder matching the ones defined in the "special files" 
        list is Deleted/ignored/truncated/renamed
        (you define the action when adding the file to the list). for natural reasons
        these actions CANNOT BE RESTORED. 


    This opeartion will revert any NAME changes carried out by "CHECK/PREPARE SELECTED DIRECTORIES"
    (taglines are not removed) if a backup file is found in the folder.

    This operation can also be used to ATTEMT to restore folders that has been modified
    without this program (for instance files copied from CD-R with trunacted names or manually renamed
    but is accopanied by the origianl sfv/m3u file)

Command Line Options:
    syntax <path> <command>
    <path> = full path to folder to operate on

    Processing is stated automatically when command line mode with LAST USED/SAVED SETTINGS
    found in the .ini file for the selected command (-C,-P,-R) is used.

Known limitations:

* Do not Delete/Add Directories at the same folder level you're
  currentply processing with sfvcopy (without refreshing the view)

* Network drives are currently not supported for actions involving 
  create/rename/delete of files/dirs 
  (ie you can scan them, but any changes will fail)

* Wildcards not fully supported for special files

* Files renamed in certain ways AFTER  a backup cannot be restored
  (ie changed outside of this program), 
  if program cannot distinguish the original name among the files present in the dir.
  If the program is able to restore such a file the user-made
  renaming will be lost (this applies to directories too, but unlike files,
  renamed directories can always be restored) 

* Backupdata is optimized for storage in Windows text files.
  It is not safe to transfer/alter a backup file *AS TEXT* 
  to/on other operating systems than Windows 
  (unless using MIME encoding or similar, data MAY become corrupted)

* the user interface suxs ;p

Version History

SFVCOPY, Copyright (C) 2003-2008 by tH0D Productions, all rights reserved

Version history
2008-11-29 Version 1.28 (final)
*fixed: crc check occured even when deselected in prep/restore
*fixed: crc-check mode not saved to config file
*Fixed: crash on restore dir, with files opened.
*new: command line support -C, -P,-R, dirname (with support for single album dirs)
*fixed: a crash condition in mp3info
*new: m3u autocreated if missing
*changed: if trust taglines contains some missing files, only those missing files are re-checked
          (same as for corrupt files)

2008-01-25 Version 1.27.18
* fixed: update dir did not work if content indexing was disabled on the scanned dir
* improvement: dirtree can be updated to reflect dir changes (F5)
* improvement: dirlist will now catch ctrl+a for select all (and alt+a as previosly)
* fixed: parent dir "noM3u" tagline was created for dirs without any mp3's present
* improvement: list of bad/missing files written inside tagline, if this list is found
               next time a crc-check is performed only the files listed as corrupt in this list
               will be re-checked  if "trust existing tagline" is selected
* improvement: "Check And Tag Mode", you no longer need to deselect all renaming options
               under "check/prepare" in order to integrity check without renaming.

2007-02-21 Version 1.24.15
* fixed: taglines will contrain VBR instead of average bitrate, when vbr is detected
* change: removed ability to restore parts of a directory backup
* improvement: ability to remove dots in dirs

Version history
2007-02-13 Version 1.22.14
* fixed: if all files in a dir had crc-errors, no tagline was written
* fixed: noSFV-tagline was not written if m3u's existed
* fixed: SFVvsM3U-tagline was written even if one of them did'nt exist
* fixed: tagline for m3u (if other headerfiles are present only)
* fixed: Format of taglines
* fixed: added "corrupt" tagline instead of "incomplete" for dirs with crc errors

2007-02-11 Version 1.22.08
* fixed: if crccheck all was unchecked but tagline was not, an "Incomplete" tagline was
         written on prepare
* fixed: mismatch taglines in parent dir not removed when rechecked and dir was complete
* fixed: when truncation was turned off, parent dir +1 level up was not renamed (for VA etc)
* fixed: some ui annoyances
* fixed: truncated dirs where always restored even if unchecked (if truncated)
* fixed: bugfix in backup format
* fixed: dir rename was not always based on current physical dirname, but on backed up name
* fixed: no parent dir tagline was written if no sfv was found
* improvement: awarenes of dir deletes/renames while processing 
* improvement: added intelligence to strip or move THE in dirnames
* improvement: Pause and stop buttons
* improvement: more efficient restore, and changed backupdata structure to support future stuff
* improvement: ability to do "crc-check-mode" without any msgboxes

2007-02-04 Version 1.17.04
* fixed: subdirs of dirs containing backup data where not checked
* fixed: ignore if jpg/gif in most places
* fixed: two  or more files truncated in the same session could end up with identical names 
         if all but the truncated characters where common (rename would fail for all but the first file)
* fixed: bug in logwindow horizontal scrolling
* improvement: "attemt to restore without backup data" implemented
* improvement: changable maxlen for truncate
* improvement: "honor special files" for restore
* improvement: taglines
* improvement: option to choose if multipble dots should be replaced (before = always)
* improvement: warning when no NFO is found in dir. msgbox for sfv/m3u
* improvement: colors + cut 'n paste in logwindow

2005-05-22 Version 1.10.04
* ability to disable crc-checking during prepare
* fixed: dirlist was refreshing after each dir-operation

2004-12-05  Version 1.10.02
* installer added so all depedencies should now be distributed
* if there where long files in a dir when only "strip VA in All dirs" where checked, they where processed
* BUGFIX. on rare occations: a Form-Feed (0c) in the backup-string if in front of a natural LF/CR pair in the text file (ie they are not part of the string)
  will dissapear when reading the file. in Hex-text the combo is 0C 0D 0A replace that with !fF~ to fix the corrupt file

2004-12-05    Version 1.10.01
* bugfix, failed to load on some win xp SP2 machines
* Installer added
* if there where long files in a dir when only "strip VA in All dirs" where checked, they where processed

2004-11-07  Version 1.10.00
* extensivly tested 1.00.11 version
* Added a Select-all button
* Added accelerators for Update, select all and process
* bugfix, deadlocked on long filenames without an extension (such as ftp-taglines) 
* bugifx, filenames where incorrectly truncated for long files without a tag
* bugfix, treeview where not expanded to last used dir during startup for volumes with a visible label
2004-10-19  Version 1.00.11
* dirs with dots where stored incorrectly in backup
* files with length equal to maxleangth+1 where not cropped for files with identifed tags
* tags where not cropped correctly for files with unidentifed grptags
* small crc's with preceeding zeros in sfv-files where compared incorrectly
* All options are now disabled while processing
* backupdata where sometimes stored for files that where not modified
* Strip VA tags for all dirs where not performed for dirs < 64 chars
* When the directory selection was lost during processing  due to the app losing focus
  processing of multiple dirs at a time where interrupted.
* Prepare attemted to delete tempfiles even if they did not exist 
* Any additional dots in fname (except the extension dot) are now 
  replaced with ',' when truncating (ISO standard limitation when burning)

2004-10-14    Version 1.00.00
First working Release. Fully supporting Preprare and restore with backupdata
Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License