SFVit is a recursive/multiple SFV creator, for Rar's and Mp3's.
SFVit's purpose is to make SFV's for Mp3 (albums) or Rar (ISO) file sets.

SFVit's features

  • Searches whole drives/folders (including sub-folders).
  • Checks an unlimted amount of Mp3's and Rar's.
  • Super fast full drive searching and crc creation.
  • Creates standard SFV and m3u formats.
  • Automatic sfv and m3u file naming.
  • M3u playlist creation option.



A SFV stands for Simple File Verification. Which is a text file with a list of file names
and CRC's. Crc's being cycle redundancy check. SFV's use the CRC32 format which is very
common, zmodem transfer protocol, ethernet, zip's, ect. Mp3's and Rar's don't always have
their own CRC like Zip's do. So to make sure the files are exactly like the original, an SFV
is created with a list of CRC's for each file. Then wIth the SFV, files can be verified.

SFVit creates SFV's for Mp3 and Rar file sets. It doesn't have to be a set, as in
album for mp3's or an ISO for rar's, but thats what SFVit was designed for. And note, the only
files that SFVit will make a SFV for, are Mp3's and Rar's.

SFVit makes it as easy as possible to create SFV's, by first letting you pick a drive or
folder, which can have many sub-folders, its fully recursive and will search for mp3's and rar's.
Once it finds one, SFVit will automatically use the folder name, that the file is in, to create
the name of the sfv and if your doing mp3's and have the make m3u option turned on, the m3u
file name will also be named after the folder's name.

SFVit has 2 main options, to search for Mp3's and to Search for Rar's. You can have both
options checked/enabled at the same time. And if the Mp3's option is checked, then you have
an additional option to create m3u playlists.

Once you've registered SFVit, you will have the addtional option of adding your own SFV
header. Note: it won't work right if you add a unix created text file for the header, it Must be
a standard windows based text file.

Other options are self-explanatory.

Double clicking on a file name in the listview will run the associated program, like Winzip
for zip's, Winrar for rar's, Winamp for mp3's, ect. Your system has to be setup for this
to happen. Except SFV's which will be displayed in notepad.

Right clicking in the listview on an item, will popup a menu with choices for file properties
and mp3 tag info.

You can start SFVit also by right clicking on a folder in Explorer and picking SFVit
folder…, which will run SFVit and start making sfv's for the folder you clicked on.

Note: To cancel/abort the testing process, hit ESCape or click on the X button on the toolbar.

Note: Unregistered versions of SFVit won't put your sfv header in the sfv, but will put a CFA one.
Once registered the startup about form and music will go away.

The main purpose of SFVit is to create SFV's for Mp3 and Rar file sets, be it a group released
album or an ISO. If you don't know what an sfv or rar is, or what its used for, then SFVit is not
for you.






SFVit history…

v1.09 09/25/03 01:52 am fixed control not regd.
v1.08 09/23/03 04:22 pm Sound card check, manifest for
theme/skin, qsetup.
v1.05 06/28/03 11:30 pm Fixed tree refresh
v1.05 06/26/03 02:23 pm Fixed url's, add option for context
menu in install.
v1.05 06/16/03 04:54 pm Updated for 2003
v1.04 02/12/01 08:33 pm Few more little things. :D
v1.03 10/03/00 12:47 am Fixed a few things.
v1.02 09/28/00 09:13 pm Added rename mp3 from tag option,
added total m3u list.
v1.01 09/19/00 03:20 pm Fixed case for sfv and m3us
v1.00 09/18/00 11:36 am First release


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