SRR over FTP


It doesn't work well when the connection amount to the server is limited. FTP has it's limits:
Must try with version 7.15.4 of curl -> done. It doesn't run well either. Just use the latest version.

Other mount options to try: -o noatime,ro,allow_other,ssl,no_verify_hostname,no_verify_peer,kernel_cache,auto_cache
The cache options might give better results.

Better only use it if it's your own site you're connecting too. Using CurlFtpFS might result in many stale ftp connections that can end up with using all the connections of the ftp and result in the site not accepting any more connections. Additionally the CurlFtpFS mount usually loses its functionality after at least a few weeks, depending on how many requests/accesses you have on that mount point. Running several ReScene jobs on a CurlFtpFS mount will result in extreme slow ReScene performance (even without the -s parameter)

This might help for glFTPd users:

Change: The kill-ghost login method (using ! as first char of username to kill
"ghosts") will now only kill one connection (the one with longest idle
time) instead of all connections from that user.


Not tested


Does not work

Protocols like FTP and WebDAV do not provide for random file access, i.e., the capability to seek to a location within a file and read or write a small byte-range of data. However, Windows applications expect to be able to perform random access on a file. Therefore, when WebDrive receives a request from the file system to read a section of a file, it will download the entire file into the cache so that the Windows application will have full access to its contents.

pyReScene doesn't do anything at all.

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