About a month ago katman, a siteop on QC, released a beta for a new kind of dupe check. Katman's dupe check, named "WinDupe," is a native win95 program that connects the user to an SQL database. Although the user is required to run a separate program, WinDupe offers greater speed and flexibility over irc dupe checkers because of its direct link to an SQL database. WinDupe is faster then irc dupe checks, returns all hits for queries, and allows users to manipulate those returns a little easier. WinDupe is presently in its 6th beta, which can be downloaded here.

— Scenelink Issue 5 February 98

forum chat leading up to this page

I hear predbs started in 1999. Everything before '99 you see, has been backfilled with a proper date.
Also many releases never had a release name like we know today. They were just one or more zip files on BBS systems.
The first .nfo files are from 1990 by THG (The Humble Guys). —Me

Another thing to keep in mind is that the zip format isn't that old, the releases from the early 80s that include zips predate (predate as in occur earlier, not "pre date") the file format so the zips were made more recently.

Most early predbs (called dupe dbs back then) were kept private by the people, groups or sites that maintained them. Public dbs started appearing around 1997 - doopie on efnet, and Checkpoint on the web are the first that I can recall. A screenshot of the old Checkpoint is up at:
Also, I still have an old version of WinDupe from 1998. It's a little app that connected to the same db that doopie used, run by the staff of the oldschool site QuadCon, and was generally considered to be the best 0day db around at the time. Obviously it doesn't return any results now, but still works under wine/windows. If anyone wants it: [link removed, see below]


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  Û²±° ÛÛÛÛ °±²ÛÛÛ²±°    Q    U    A    D    C    O    N    °±²ÛÛÛÛÛ²±°
                   Council - Katman, Lour, Whiz, Pxxxxxx
                  SiteOp  - Katman  CoSiteOps - Wolf, GaL
               All staff have emails within the sites domain
                             .: OvK  US HQ :.
                           .: HTG Courier HQ :.
                   .: RBS -*- MOTiV8 -*- TDA -*- DGG :.
                           Uploaded on:  02/27

Found in DIABLO-1.02_UPDATE_CRACKED-ORN 1997-02-26

WinDupe Beta (Build 7.5 - RC1.5)


Download - WinDupe Beta (Build 7.5 - RC1.5)
Download - 6th beta


Release: Release Dupe Checker for Windows 95/NT *Release Candidate 1.5*
Released by: Katman
Release Date: 03/23/98
Disks: 1
 Just a release checker for windows.
 See Change History for information.


WinDupe Beta (Build 7.5 - RC1.5)    [1/1]
Release Dupe Checker
Client for Windows 95/NT

* All information in Help file *



WINDUPE.HLP (WinDupe Beta (Build 7.5 - RC1.5))



First, let me thank you for using WinDupe. I hope that its as useful to you as it has been to others.

I am always open to comments and suggestions on this product, so if you have one in mind, come find me on IRC and let me hear them!

NOTE: WinDupe v1.4 was a 'personal' release of WinDupe. For a brief period of time you had to 'register' in order to use it. Because of the enormous numbers of people wanting to use it, and its rumored death, WinDupe is now public again.

Here's whats contained in this help file:
Disclaimer (please read this)
Beta Notes
Change History (you should read this)
Frequently Asked Questions (definitely read this! ;)
Known Bugs
Future Additions
Special Thanks


This program is to be used for entertainment purposes only. It is NOT to be sold, nor should there be any exchange of currency in relation to using it. The author accepts no responsibility for anything that occurs during, or after using this software (including a hard drive crash, your monitor melting, or the FBI knocking at your door). All data returned by this program is in database format only, there exists no actual software for retrieval.

Beta Notes

This version of WinDupe is currently a ßeta Preview. When the released version is available, all preview versions will no longer work, you will have to obtain your own copy.

Change History

07/17/98 - Build 7.5 - Release Candidate 1.5

Well, a few things have happened since release 7.4a… Many users believed that WinDupe died because of the security that was added. Also, the main server crashed bad and cause it to go offline for a few days. Well, WinDupe is back, and its public again. Because v1.3a isn't compatible with the nfo-tables in the newly structured database this version is more of a maintenance release from it.

Have Fun!
(Note: As of this release the database is still in the process of being repaired, and will not update as often. Expect it to be an average of 1-2 days behind. This will be fixed very shortly)

07/07/98 - Build 7.4a -

Cleaned up the new login/password code a bit. Password changes weren't taking affect on NFO retrieving after changing the password mid session.

07/03/98 - Build 7.4 - Release Candidate 1.4

Reorganized the database data into multiple tables. NFO data is now separate from the main table so as to save time (LOTS of time) when performing searches.

Implemented a personal login and password scheme. This better helps us to keep track of WinDupe's usage, and prevent unauthorized access to the database. See Windupe Security.

To change your password information in WinDupe (not on the server) midsession, select 'Change Login Info' from the pop-up menu.

03/23/98 - Build 7.3a - Release Candidate 1.3a

The mask history was only saving when you quit using the quit button. It now saves whenever the program closes.

03/08/98 - Build 7.3 - Release Candidate 1.3

Removed the ActiveX control, and replaced it with a custom class … yay!
Dates are now in the form, MM/DD/YYYY (nothing major), and it does not automatically go from the first date to the next when typing (control wrapping) … still, no biggie..

Changed the search mask control from a standard edit box, to a drop down list combo box, with up to a 20 line history. Whenever you perform a dupe check, the mask will be added to the list. The list is saved from session to session. The 'X' button next to the control can be used to delete items from the list (select the item you wish to delete, and click the button).

Put the taskbar button back, when WinDupe is not minimized.

Made the NFO window resizeable.

02/16/98 - Build 7.2 - Release Candidate 1.2

Slowly but surely the last of the bugs are showing up, and now being fixed.

Fixed a bug, where when using a boolean search (using parens, and/or or's), and using a date range, the date range was applying to the second half of the search (due to missing parens in the sql statement ;). Thanks scut for finding this!

Fixed a bug in changes, where it said the date must be entered in YYYY-MM-DD in the range boxes. It should have read MM-DD-YYYY. Sorry!

02/12/98 - Build 7.1 - Release Candidate 1.1

Already an update .. Nothing big, just fulfilled a few requests…

All settings (date range, search limit, search order) are remembered from session to session.

Fixed the date in Change History on RC-1 .. it said 02/12 it should have been 02/13.
(It's original release date was supposed to be 02/12 ;)

02/13/98 - Build 7.0 - Release Candidate 1

The first, in hopefully a short series of candidates for final releasing.

After retrieving dupe results, you can now retrieve the associated .nfo file for that release. To do this, right click on a single entry, and choose 'Retrieve NFO'. This will reconnect to the database and download the data, and if it exists, will display it.

Date sorting was broken, fixed.

Exit option on the tray icon was broken, fixed.

Amount to retrieve was broken when entering negative numbers, fixed.

Set an upper limit of a maximum of 2000 entries to be retrieved.

Changed the login information on the servers.

Note: NFO data only goes back to February 5, 1998. It is not updated as often as the main database is (the main database is updated every five minutes, the nfo data is updated approx once every 15 minutes to a half hour). Due to the number of new release groups popping up, not all entries will have an associated nfo. (We are constantly trying to update the nfo list database so that all
release groups are covered). If you come across any entries without an nfo, you may contact anyone on the WinDupe team, they will

relay the request to the db manager, and we will try to get the nfo added.

At this point, please try to find as many bugs as possible, and report them as soon as possible. The more that are fixed faster, the sooner the final release can be finished.

02/08/98 - Build 6.7a (later in the day:)

Fixed the copy bug. After copying a few items, when pasting, the memory from a previous copy would overlap and produce awkward results. This has been fixed.

02/08/98 - Build 6.7

Fixed a bug where after doing a date range search, and turning off the range searching, any other search would still attempt to search within that range.

02/06/98 - Build 6.6

I finally gave in to the darkside and used an ActiveX control in this version.
Added the ability to search between two dates. To use this feature, click 'Between,' and this will make the two edit boxes available for entering two dates. The search will find all results between these two dates.

(*Note: The dates must be entered in MM-DD-YYYY format. Both dates must be entered)

(The date edit boxes are done via the masked edit ActiveX control. If boredom sets in and I find the time, I will write my own version of the control and remove the ActiveX component.)

02/01/98 - Build 6.5

Took advantage of the wonderful multi-threading capabilities of the win32 system (<chuckle>). When doing a dupe search, the actual search is now done in a separate thread. What does this mean to you? WinDupe will no longer appear to lock up when processing a dupe request. You can move the window around the screen, cancel the dupe check, or quit the program.

Registy functions weren't working under Windows 95. Fixed this.

Converted all the text files into a single help file.

01/31/98 - Build 6.2

Fixed bugs in the mask entry. You can now use the standard windows keys to copy/cut/paste into the edit control.

Updated Bugs.txt report.

01/28/98 - Build 6.1

Redesigned the registry settings. Updates old versions of WinDupe settings, but once updated, old versions will not work, unless the main registry key (mentioned in 01/24/98) is deleted.

Added BUGS.TXT - Known bug list
Added FUTURE.TXT - Possible feature additions

01/25/98 - Build 6b

Totally removed the task bar button while WinDupe is running.

01/24/98 - Build 6 *Minor Rewrite*

*Code Update* WinDupe Builds up to 5.X were all 'Dialog' style. This means, when the application starts, instead of showing a 'framed' window, it would pop up a modal dialog box, wait for it to be closed, then exit the application. This was easier to implement (me lazy ;), but limited the expansion of features. The window that you now see when starting windupe, is no longer a dialog box, but an SDI (single document interface) window… You won't notice any difference, except for the expansion of features in this and upcoming releases. This is considered a minor rewrite, because porting the code from a modal dialog box, to and SDI application took some work, but most of the underlying code is exactly the same.

After a dupe check is done, the total entries found, total entries retrieved, and total overall entries, is now displayed in the status line (instead of 'IDLE')

Added the ability to start WinDupe minimized (needed SDI;). The option to do this appears in the pop-up menu. It will, of course, be remembered across settings.

Fixed a bug, where if you left the mask blank, an error 'Cannot execute SQL' would appear. Not really a bug.. changed it to tell you that you need to enter a mask.

Didn't mention in Build 5 changes, but what the hell… Utilizes the registry to 'remember' certain settings (ie, logging, log filename, start minimized)… Settings reside in LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\QC\WINDUPE… if you care ;)

Updated FAQ.TXT

01/18/98 - Build 5.2b

Added 'Clear List' to the pop-up menu. This will clear the dupes list of all items.

Fixed a bug where when only one item was returned, and you selected it, then clicked 'Copy Selected', the program would freeze (thanks r0cker for finding this bug).

*FYI* When running normally, WinDupe will utilize between 900k-2meg of memory. When you minimize it (and it goes to the taskbar), it will idle, and use only 200k.

01/17/98 (later) - Build 5.2

Fixed the control menu of the main dialog. You cannot resize or maximize it ;) Added a system tray icon. When you minimize, click it to restore the program. I still need a good icon!! Let me know if you can do one for me!! :)

01/17/98 - Build 5.1

Fixed the foreground color of the dupes list window. It was defaulting to black, changed it to the default windows text color. (Thanks BLaCKWinD for finding this bug)

01/15/98 - Build 5

Added an option to the pop-up menu to view the current stats on both the primary and backup databases (they should always generally be the same). If the databases are ever 'not active' they should be shortly.

Added boolean operations to the search mask.
( ) & |
& = AND
| = OR
Example: -RVT | -REVOLT would return all matches with either
-RVT or -REVOLT in the directory.
Example: 010298 | ( CDRWIN & 2.0 ) would return all matches

from 010298, or dir names containing both CDRWIN and 2.0 in the name.
The original method will still work.
Example: Win 98 will return all matches with both Win and 98 in the dir name

** NOTE **
the boolean routine was written rather quickly and may be a bit buggy. Please report any bugs you find with it. ! ( NOT ) will be supported (hopefully) in the next release :)

Added '*' wildcard. Can be used before, after and in the middle of a pattern.
Rev*t, win*, etc..

Added a new splash screen (Thanks Snowcrash!)….
Going to use multiple screens in the future ;)
(sorry [CorrupT], you weren't around and i needed the new version:)

01/13/98 - Build 4b

SouthPark "Kyle's Mom is a Bitch" sound file removed, for those of you that wanted a smaller executable, and no sound for when the parents are around ;)

01/13/98 - Build 4

Removed the 'Copy…' buttons, and replaced them with a pop-up menu that appears when you right click on the dupe list.

Added logging capabilities. To turn on logging, right click on the dupe list window, and click 'Log'. You will be prompted for a log file. (if it exists, it will be appended to, if it doesn't exist, it will be created). Click 'Log' again to turn logging off. Your settings are remembered from session to session so if you turn on logging, then quit, when you restart WinDupe, logging will be enabled. Fixed a bug dealing with sorting by date. It was sorting the date as a normal number. Thus 010198 was smaller than 010296. This has been fixed, by using <year><month><day> (instead of <month><day><year> internally when sorting.

Added a small sound that plays when accessing the database. To turn the sound off, click 'No Sound' in the pop-up menu. (This setting is not saved from session to session, because this sound was added for this release only.. Hiya GaL! ;)

01/12/98 - Build 3.1

Fixed a bug in highliting dupe results. Only clicking on the date would highlite an item (and then only the date would highlite). You can now click anywhere on the row, and the entire row will highlite.

Added Date/Directory sorting. Clicking on the 'header' of either column (Date or Directory) will toggle via ascending and descending sorting.

'STILL IN PROGRESS' was listed in the Build 3 changes. This was a mistake, and wasn't taken out after internal testing ;)

01/10/98 - Build 3

When copying to the clipboard, changed the tab between the date and directory name, to a space (for you mIRC'ers ;)

Added a background (thx again [CorrupT] !)

Set up a 'backup' database server. It gets updated as long as the primary server is updated. If the primary server goes down for any reason, WinDupe will use the backup instead. Again, the backup server updates only when the primary updates, so if the primary does go down temporarily, the backup server will be updated to the point the primary went down.

01/03/98 - Build 2

Fixed 'Hilighting' bug. On some systems, after retrieving the results, the Directory Names would all be Hilighted.

Added the ability to retrieve all the results that are found.

Added the ability to copy either all the results, or selected results, to the clipboard.

Added the ability to 'select' results by clicking on the directory name. Because by default, the Windows List Control only allows you to select an item by clicking on the left most column, the feature added to allow you to click the directory name, is limited. You cannot 'deselect' a single result, nor can you use 'shift' for range selection (range selection still works if you click on the date instead, and 'ctrl' multi-selecting works on both the date and directory name).

Added a new splash image (thx [CorrupT] ! :)

Added CHANGES.TXT, and FAQ.TXT, and DISCLAIMER.TXT (Read them!)

01/02/98 - Initial Release

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I REALLY have to register this?
A. Nope. For a brief period of time, yes you had too, but because of the amount of people wanting to use it and the rumors that went around, WinDupe is now public again.

Q. 'Neither Database is Available,' but its working for others !!!
A. See WinDupe Security. However, if you've already registered a login and password, your ip address may be denied by the server. This happens after a few continuous failed login attempts. Send an email to the same address you used when you registered, and say this is happening. The denied hosts table will be flushed, and you can then use WinDupe.

Q. 'Connecting to Database'… What database?
A. Don't worry about it. Its an SQL server, and its running on a machine somewhere, someplace.
Even if you would know what database, it wouldn't do you any good.

Q. Backup database… ?
A. Yes the backup database is on a different system, and no you don't need to know where that one is either.

Q. What if both databases (Primary and Backup) are down?
A. WinDupe will then shift your computer into a non-physical anti-mater form and travel the universe in search for a database to retrieve the data from. And if that doesn't work, a message will be displayed saying it cannot connect. In versions 6.5 and above, this is all done in a separate thread ;)

Q. How does, and how often does the database update?
A. The database is updated no later than 5-10 minutes after a new release.

Q. Can I get the programs that I see in this list?
A. No, and don't ask that again. This program just reports on when a perticular product was released for public trial, before a decision of purchase. If you even ask this, you shouldn't be using this program.

Q. So when will this be in the non-beta stage?
A. I don't know.

Q. What language is WinDupe written in?
A. Why does it even matter? To humor you, its written in Visual C++ Version 5.0 (w/ service pack 3 :P). I hate Visual Basic, and refuse to use it unless I am given a project to do in Access, and even then I insist on writing DLL's in VC, and just doing basic calls in VB:P
So, don't ask me about what controls I'm using (I refuse to use any ActiveX as well), or anything of the like, go write your own:p

Q. How may I gain access to the database server directly?

A. You don't, and as for right now… you won't. I have received a few requests for allowing direct access, and I have decided not to grant it.

Q. Is there a web page I can go to, to do dupe checks as well?
A. Its in the works.

WinDupe Security

Due to popular demand, WinDupe security has been removed ;)

Known Bugs

As of 01/27/98, PR 6b (some may have been found prior to this date, I apologise if your name should be listed here)

Occasional crash after cancelling a dupe check or nfo retrieval.
TEMP FIX: Avoid cancelling an nfo retrieval. If you do, it *may* crash. Just restart it if it does;)


'Font size' bug. Non-standard fontsize causes part of the window to be cut off (including the buttons).
TEMP FIX: Use the normal font size :p


Startup bug. Seems as though on some systems, every time you start WinDupe it displays the 'Upgraded' message. This has only been reported by one person, please let me know if you experience this.

Future Additions

As of 01/28/98 PR 6b

Color Filters.
Show entries that match a user defined filter in a specified color.
(ie, -CLS/-CLASS = BLUE,

Special Thanks

Special Thanks and Greets go out to:

GaL, for helping me test this thing, and encouraging me to release it, and putting that little tune in PR4.
I Love You Sweetie!!!! :)

[Corrupt], for also being a tester, and designing the splash screen bitmap.

Lour, again for for being a beta tester, and being generally annoying when it came to that damn List Control. (Dammit I added the pop-up, ya happy now??, and I STILL refuse to use ActiveX!!! ;)

Koyote, for originally giving me the idea for releasing.

TrAdE, for helping in beta testing, especially with my boolean function in PR5. And again for helping with RC-1 ;) (Happy now?! ;)

Neuron, for extensive testing of RC-1, and for finding the NFO files that i hadn't included yet ;)

Snowcrash, for the PR5/6 splash screen bitmap.

Poltergiest, for creating the inital NFO filelist database… Thanks man!

All the RC1 testers!

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